by Mouse_Master

US Title: Captain Tomaday
Japanese Title: Captain Tomaday
By: Visco
Year: 1999
Size: 122 Megs
Home Release? No
MVS Release? Yes
CD Release? No

Well, after playing this game (basically the next game I played AFTER Puzzle de Pon!R), I feel that Visco has redeemed themselves. The game is interesting, too say the least.

    Basically it is a shooter, in the style of 1942. The player controls a mutant cherry tomato (you get a nice intro that shows how it came to be at the beginning) which uses it's fist as weapons to destroy the enemies on the variou screens. The fists, which are not connected to the tomato, just free floating, remind me of the game Rayman, from the Atari Jaguar (Another game that had absolutely stunning visuals intwined with very creative gameplay). Visco seemed to take the same non violent approach with this game.

    The graphics and sound are nice, no slow down. The intro looks really good. This doesn't feel like some old or rehashed game, looks very new. The gameplay, while it feels mindless at sometimes, is not bad at all. As for controls, the A button controls one fist while the B button controls the other. The game allows you to power up one fist if the player is constantly hitting the button for the other.

    I would definitely recommend this game. It has stunning visuals, and is very cute, but is somewhat challenging as a shooter. It appears it will be yet another MVS release only, but hopefully it will be produced in quantity. This games is probably worth about $180, which seems to be what I have seen it for lately.  I might even venture as far as saying that the price of this MVS cart may skyrocket in the future, possibly to the levels of Super Dodge Ball.  Once you see the game with your own eyes, you will see what I mean.


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