written and some screenshots by Joe McCabe

Some screenshots courtesy of Billy Pitt


Euro Title: Bang Bead
Japanese Title: Bang Bead
By: Visco
Year: 2000
Size: 170 Megs
Home Release? No
MVS Release? Yes
CD Release? No


Bang Bead is Visco's newest release for the MVS system and is the sequel to Flip Shot. Even though Bang Bead has been called a "prototype", I want to end that now by saying Bang Bead was a fully released MVS kit in Europe. Bang Bead is harder to find because was only released in Europe, but that does not mean it's impossible to find. 


GRAPHICS: (8/10) 

The graphics in Bang Bead are great. The characters and levels are very detailed and very impressive for the neo geo. The characters look like they did in Flip Shot, except with more detail. Also in each level, there are objects moving in the background, like rose petals falling or chickens pecking the ground. But for some reason on the level with the chickens, there is always slow down in the middle of the match for a couple of seconds. The slow down is not bad, but it is somewhat annoying. 



SOUND: (7.5/10) 

The music is not annoying, but it's not anything special either. 


GAME PLAY: (8/10) 

As in Flip Shot, the CPU is either very hard or very easy. This gets annoying, but it's not as bad as it was in Flip Shot. Also Bang Bead's game play is little different than Flip Shot's. In Bang Bead, you must hit all of your opponents stars, and then get the ball passed your opponent one last time. Unlike in Flip Shot, you still have a chance to  win even after all you emblems are gone. 



CONTROL: (6/10) 

The control is okay. You press A to hit the ball, B to slide, and C to do a "Power Shot". As you press A to hit the ball, a meter on the bottom of the screen fills up; once your meter is full, you can press C to perform a power shot. Each character has their own special power shot. I give the control a 6 because pressing C to do a power shot didn't always work (it only works 75% of the time). This gets annoying when you want a power shot and all you do is hit the ball. 


REPLAY: (8/10) 

Bang Bead actually does have a replay factor. When you first start the game, there are only 7 selectable characters. Once you beat the game with all seven characters, you unlock the two hidden character. So you at least have to play the game 7 times through to unlock the hidden characters. 


(Uh-oh, someone warn Kid Rock!)


OVERALL: (9/10) 

I am not giving this game a 9 because of it's rarity, but because it's a quality game. But then again, I liked Flip Shot over Windjammers. The first thing the game has going for it is it's not a fighter. Neo Geo has many great fighters, but it's nice to have a new sports game. Next, the graphics are impressive for the Neo Geo. They are pleasing to the eye and there is only slow down in the "Chicken Level." Last, the game is fun to play. I don't care what the game is about or how it looks, as long as it's fun to play.



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