written by Lord Wolfgang Krauser

US Title: Savage Reign
Japanese Title: Fu'un Mokujiroku
Year: 1995
Size: 190 Megs
Home Release? Yes
MVS Release? Yes
CD Release? Yes

I played this game and decided to toss my opinion on it forward.

Gameplay-7.0 It just does not seem there, to me it lacks.
Aside from that I would have to say its a good game, and the gameplay does the name well. I personally prefer the character Hayate over the others, and of course he's the main character.
I however do not like the line system which you jump into and upper area, it allows characters to use moves in a high rise and makes certain attacks hard to avoid when put in the position, so in other words your timing has got to be instant, and done in a good manner.

Control-9.0 Despite my gripes with the gameplay, the games control does not suffer, although moves are very limited the control is precise which I like, it also is good so you stand a chance against certain opponents.

Difficulty-9.0 Very difficult game, especially when put on expert, which a few of us mad men can test.
I found the character you play as does not contribute to the so called cheese factor, or "impossible boss syndrome" a few bosses suffered from in other SNK fighters.
King Leo will be your final challenge as he is a very unoriginal character, but is difficult. Moves re also limited, and a lot alike in the projectile area.

Character Concept- 6.0 Yuck, I did not fall for the characters designs in this game, first let me say I hate clowns, they disgust me like having onions on my hamburger it cannot be.
The character with a joker based name is nauseating and will leave you with that "it the clown" ideal.
Hayate is a pretty bad character in another light and appears as someone would that knows the supposed art of fu'un ken.
King Lion is a pretty crazy design as well, but as someone with a sense of fashion those gloves and hair have got to go, they suffer from over used super hero syndrome.

Sound-8.0 My experience with the sound is good and incorporates characters themes nicely to match there BG's.
I especially like the last bosses theme.

Graphics-8.0 Pretty good despite this game getting almost no publicity, as it in my opinion holds no position worth commending.

CD Loads- 7.0 Pretty good, but the loads get annoying as with all cd loads, this is where the cdz comes into play.
I did however feel even on the cdz they were a tad excessive, and should have loaded faster.

Over All- I think you can do without this okay neo title, as its not that reputable or worth a true fighting fans time.
The characters are annoying, the gameplay is not that great and I would rather you save your money for something better, leave this one to the collectors, its not a gamers friend in my opinion.


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