Hail to the Ed: 




    Hey... You clicked on my name, thanks!  Since you're interested, let me tell you a little about myself.  My name is actually Bobak.  I'm the colorful, somewhat political, rather bad-ass moderator who doubles as the editor-in-chief of reviews at Neo-Geo.com: the home of the Neo Community.


However, after only having this page up for a year, I learned that people finding this webpage are actually looking for me on the web, with no relation to the associated website.  So I've decided to embrace this fact and let this page instead be my beacon to the outside world.  You were looking for me?  Now you've got me!  [this page is (or was supposed to be) a hidden "Easter Egg" in a reviews section that I run.] 


My Past, Present and Future: (location)


I was born in Toronto, Canada, spend a few early years in Stratford, ON, Canada; moved to California when I was 3; served 15 years in Bakersfield, CA before moving to Los Angeles for my undergraduate degree (USC) and later work.  In the fall of 2002, Law School (U. of Minnesota) brought me out to America's Siberia (a.k.a. Minneapolis), but I plan to return to LA some day dropping by frequently before then.  Minneapolis is a fine place too, really.


What've I been up to?  Here's a Résumé -for laughs (Complete with formatting difficulties and semi-outdated information; still, you could say I've been a bit of a Renaissance Man).




In case you might wonder, I nurture strong interest/participation in: Architecture, geo-politics, world history, US Politics, philosophy, movies, Hollywood's affect on world affairs, college football, the USC Trojans, video game history, working out, teaching sex ed for Planned Parenthood, traveling, writing, trying new cuisines, collecting souvenir-size landmarks, collecting matchbooks (I don't smoke), socializing, and just plain learning. 




If you are searching for Bobak Fereydune Tavallali Ha'Eri (the one who went to Heritage Academy, Garces Memorial HS, USC, or U. of Minnesota Law School), you can send me an email at (the weird format helps prevents harvesting, just ignore the spaces!):


BobakUSC [at] yahoo [dot] com


It's also come to my attention that people are finding this site when looking for my parents (how my name is popping up is beyond me, but I don't mind).  If you need to contact Dr. GB Ha'Eri or Nima Tavallali Ha'Eri, please feel free to email me and I'll pass it along to them (they're not net-literate as of yet).


Now then, if you are from Neo-Geo.com, HERE'S the link to the original Easter Egg page that is far, far more Neo related (thus of little interest to people who have no idea what a Neo-Geo is).

[This little exercise in cyber-narcissism is under construction]

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