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Another Take of the Phantom-1

by BonusKun


Well I had wanted to discuss this unit for a long time but seeing as I have one in my hands, I can now give my impressions about it.

For one thing I'll be honest in saying the packaging they did on it is top notch and shows that they really put time & care into producing these.

I had a chance a long time ago to look at the older side loader converters and They were pretty good units to own as well.

The main thing the Phantom1 has which most of you know by now is the ability to play the Newer MVS carts that have heavy encryption coding on them that the older type converters were not able to play those games.

The inclusion of Stereo Audio ports on the side is a major bonus for some while others will probably never use the function.

I used this on my system to see how it would handle and I get a lot more raw sound from my direct headphone jack ports than the converter ports.

I was told of course that these ports only really work on certain revisions of AES systems so if you get one you'll need to check if you system can run these.

Moving along to connections. One thing I like about the unit is the nice tight almost too tight fit that you have when you plug your MVS cart into the top of the unit.

This of course tightness will wear down in time and eventually you can plug MVS carts in snugly without having to force it down so hard into your converter.

Another item of note which is really starting to get on my nerves because I'm sure this rumor came from the ladies of Las Vegas is that the converter will not work on older Neo systems.

This is 100% False!!!!

Now that you understand this, I'm sure you've heard some people bring up that the unit doesn't work and they get garbled graphics on the screen & or a bad picture.

What this is boys & girls is not your converter but the actual carts port slots on your Neo AES.

These slots after time seeing as SNK was cheap back then wear down and makes the converter have problems with the inside contacts to allow it to run properly.

Now you're thinking.

'Well damn I guess I just wasted my money on this'

You thankfully can have the slots replaced on the unit and once done, You'll find that it works flawlessly and without a hitch.

My Neo was one of those that the slots were just shot to hell. I had them replaced and now it runs like a dream.

I recently got Puzzle De Pon MVS and have enjoyed racking in some game time into this seeing as I always wanted it on MVS.

The main aspect of purchasing a converter which a lot of people are unaware of is the cheaper cost of MVS games vs AES home carts which usually tend to run into the hundreds dollars considering the rarity and collectability of the games.

You'll find yourself able to afford all the great SNK Neo games you want at a much smaller % of the cost VS paying loads of money to be one of those 1337 guys out there that has to have every SNK AES ever made.

The Phantom1 is truly a great purchase to have if you're the kind of guy who finds yourself flinching at the high costs of Neo AES Carts.

So once again, I thank !Arcade! for producing a great product


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