Your vehicle brand of choice?


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Apr 20, 2007
Congrats Teddy and nice to see you again! :vik:


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Mar 12, 2020
I was raised riding in upper class Cadillacs, and that's still my brand. Roll with my Escalade to this day.


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Nov 20, 2007
Currently, I've had luck with Chevy vehicles. I sold my old BMW convertible as I was tired of maintaining it. Honda is pretty reliable, so we picked up the minivan from them. If I upgrade to another car for myself, I may get a smaller GMC or the Cadillac XT5.

My favorite car to drive on highways has been and shall always be the Chrysler 300. While I do quite a bit of out of state driving and love that vehicle's ride, they're not reliable.


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Aug 23, 2008
I vary with brands over the years. Comes down to where I live, what I need, and serviceability.

My last 10 yrs have been with Subaru. My local dealership isn't a bunch of scumbags and run good departments. Parts availability, price, and shared common parts are there. Never had any issues with my cars performing regular maintenance. With Toyota investing more into it, just makes it even better between both companies. Toyota has great fuel system tech and Subaru drivetrains are still inhouse and not some bolt on halfass marketing AWD scam.

Before that I was with Honda. A stock 2001 Civic EX which was great. When I moved back to MA, the dealerships sucked and never had parts in stock. Winters in a light FWD car were getting unbearable. I took advantage of its worth selling it, since it was a highly wanted year and still stock.

Then there was my Nissan yrs before they turned to crap. These were all restorations. 72 240z, 84 & 88 300ZX Turbos, and a 94 300ZX TT. Parts availability, serviceability, compatibility between models, performance and reliability for the eras. I walked away from Nissan when they changed all that in their newer generations and models. Nissan became unreliable and their US vehicles started having cheaper materials. Yet their prices didn't change to reflect that.

My 1st vehicles were all GM and reliable models with reliable engines and drivetrains. Aka 350s and turbo 350 transmissions. A few trucks and sedans.

Every company has shit models and shit years. Every company has stigmas. Most of the stigmas are shit dealership experiences (service & sales) or falsely generated by consumable owners that are vocal, yet never take care of their vehicles anyway. I can list 100s of examples, but this post is already too long.

You need a good no bs mechanic or service dept locally. If you do your own maintenance. Before you even buy a vehicle. Do your parts research, availability, and common issues background besides researching the vehicle itself. Cheaper or aftermarket parts aren't always better in every scenario.