*** WOW 1000 POSTS in Neo-geo 16 Bit! ***


Kabuki Klasher
Yeah this is the most active Neo board I have seen. Lets make sure it dosent die like all the others.
It will never die. This IS the Neo community!


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There are literally no known limits in the number of posts, topics, forums, or categories on this message board. The success of the forums is dependent upon its active members. I thank everyone for sharing their views here.


B. Jenet's Firstmate
We need to keep the good ol Neo alive, we may be a small group but we are very dedicated to the system and games we love so very much
Until I found this site, I had no idea so many people were still loyal the one true home arcade system. Thanks to all you guys for all the great info you post! Its helped me learn alot about the neo and is the best source of information I can find anywhere; I am sure it has helped many other people as well. It is good to see I am not alone in thinking so hightly of the neo.