Where are all the Gameboy Micro faceplates!


Geese's Thug
Dec 20, 2011
So for the past 2 days I have been looking for replacement flaceplates for my friends GBA Micro. The dumbass has the special edition FFIV and he cracked the faceplate trying to yank it off not knowing how to correctly remove it. Any ways I have come to learn just how impossible is is to find new faceplates. He says it doesn't have to be another FFIV faceplate but he does want it to be bought new cause after looking at the ebay ones he doesn't want one scratched to all hell already.

I know this is a long shot task but I thought I would ask here, does any one have any ideas where to find some faceplates? I am really surprised that there aren't a million Chinese bootleg ones out there or that no one has taken the time to make a little extra cash to custom make some. I am seeing that there is a really high demand for that and am starting to think of tying to make some of my own to start selling around.


Sakura's Bank Manager
Aug 21, 2003
If you find some let me know! I've been looking for some for a few months now. Bought a couple of Micros at a local pawn shop and they have scratched face plates, figured I could just buy some new ones online. Little did I know, the face plates are impossible to find!


Street Hoop Star
Sep 9, 2002
I sold about 4-5 to Sex Lord Ki_atsushi. PM him and see if he still has them and is willing to sell them to you. Those things are pretty hard to find.