What's wrong with Mexico?

Zero Satori

Jaguar Ninja
Sep 21, 2006
I suppose that, in a way, an American of my generation (where football was just really starting to gain some steam) always saw Mexico as the nearest example as to why football was the world's most popular game. People go nuts for it over there, and thanks to channels like Galavision, Univision, and Telemundo, we get the chance to see their club teams play every week. For this reason, I've always had the opinion that Mexico was a good team; not necessarily "great," but at-least competitive on the world level.

Well shit. They haven't been a quality squad for quite a while now, and I'm wondering if anyone here has an opinion why. Growing-up, I had a poster with the Mexican national squad and Luis Hernandez in the centre, and they were the closest thing I had to understanding "the world cup is the most important title in sports." But Mexico...man. I watched you get your ass whooped by FUCKING HONDURAS this week. I read about you having to import European coaches in order to seek victory, yet fire him after a bunch of games because you still suck. What the hell happened?

Granted, watching the Mexican club teams is a different story. The games are fast-paced and interesting--sometimes more interesting than English or Spanish or Italian games--because, from my perspective, the guys out there love to take chances. They try to just rush past a defender on the dribble, slide-tackle with their arms spread-eagle, stand firm and block an attacker with the chest, and overall, it makes for an exciting game 90% of the time. But maybe that doesn't translate well to the international "4-4-2 or die!" game. Maybe the monoethnic competition there doesn't create good enough players to match countries like the Netherlands and Germany.



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Aug 31, 2000
well mexican football will go to the dogs when they are employing that self serving smug and dirty old man sven goran erricsson on a multi million pound contract when the money could have been used better on grass roots soccer in mexico.
Where will the next hugo sanchez, manuel negrette, luis fernandes, come from?