what type of a Neo Geo AES is this?


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I am on the verge of buying a mint Neo AES, complete with box, manuel,etc. - the problem is the seller had it stashed away the last 8 years!! So now he doesn't remember if it was a US system or a PAL/european system (and he doesn't want to open it up to take a look at the board).

All he could tell me was the serialnr.
90A 030878 and that the the manual was completley held in english (shouldn't a european manual be multilangual?)

the powersupply which comes with it is a 5V european type (but this doesn't mean to much, since back then, here in Germany,the US system sometimes was sold with a european powersupply - or so I heard).

Does anyone know something about the above serialnr. or can someone tell me how to "read" Neo serialnumbers correctly?

Are there any other signs I could look for, on the packageing, manual or Neo to make sure if it is a european or US system?

I'd appreciate all answers you could give me.
Happy New Year!

oh yeah - I forgot to add, that the seller has no games available. So he can't check the picture to see if any black borderlines are shown (NTSC games on european Neo systems show black lines on the top and bottem of the screen - sometimes thinner lines, for example AoF1, or thicker ones like with SamSho2, Garou MotW).


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Well I would say that the cable that comes with the system should tell you immediately whether its PAL or NTSC That is, if the system comes with a SCART cable with the big goofy pins, its PAL. If it comes with the composite cable, then it should be NTSC. I don't think the serial number will tell you whether its PAL or not.

Also, if the AC adapter is 220V instead of 100V (Jap) or 120V (U.S.) then the system is most likely PAL. My U.S. AC Adapter is

Input 120V~60Hz 22W
Output DC 5V 3A

Mine is an old serial number system, 013208.

Also, the box should mention whether the system is PAL or NTSC. I think its suspicious that the seller can't look at the box or system to let you know, sounds like he doesn't want to let on that it is a PAL system. Which I wouldn't touch with a 10 foot pole, but then I'm not in a PAL country.

Hope this helps.