Weird jailbar issue


NEST Puppet
EDIT -- I figured it out myself. The PS2 was outputting YUVi (interlaced) - Luckily the Extron has the option to force inputs; so I switched to YUVp (progressive) and problem fixed.

I'm having a weird issue with horizontal jailbars via my PS2 and actually, I've noticed this on my saturn too (when using the same scaler but I only have S-Video cables for that).

See below image for a 100% crop (sorry for the size).

The picture is perfect apart from when various elements have flashing graphics (see Kaede's flashing yellow slash-trail) the rest of the screen is perfect. Also happens during certain intro's in strong brightness (whites mainly) or other flickering graphics.

This is a 31KHz only Sony PGM2950QM CRT - Here I'm running a PS2 into it via a scaler (Extron DVS304) which is outputting 31KHz via RGBHV.


I suspect something with the scaler - will probably end up getting myself a OSSC at some point. But opinions are welcome.
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