WayForward wants to resurrect Metroid 2D, Rygar, Milon, Karnov, more retro franchises


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Mar 14, 2006
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Part Two

Q. We saw a mention from Matt in the Mighty Flip Champs interview that he'd like to possibly do a project based on an already-established franchise like Metroid or Kid Dracula. How realistic a chance is there of that happening at some point? (And let me personally push for a new Kid Dracula title since I absolutely love that old Game Boy game!)

MATT: We’ve had great response when talking to the owners of a lot of these 80’s game franchises. Getting to remake them isn’t as farfetched as I once thought. WayForward has become a very reliable option for when it comes to bringing back the oldies-but-goodies. So, I’m hoping we’ll get to do more retro revival games. Metroid 2 you’re long overdue for an oil change, c’mon over!

ADAM: I would love to see Matt Bozon take on Kid Dracula! We're all huge Castlevania fans here, and Kid Dracula seems like the perfect blend of that world with Shantae sensibilities.

SEAN: It happened with Contra 4 and A Boy and His Blob. Also, titles like Altered Beast, Golden Axe, Splatterhouse, Punch Out!! and more are being revived, many by external development houses. I think it’s very realistic to see WayForward reviving more brands in the future. After all, Retro Studios had a chance to make a 3D Metroid…

Q. Are there any other classic franchises you guys would like to resurrect in the future?

MATT: I don’t mention it much, but I’m a huge fan of NES Rygar. I really enjoy the way that quest was broken up. I also love Ghosts N Goblins, Guardian Legend, Journey to Silius…action games, quests, and shooters mostly.

ADAM: The big one for me has always been Dig Dug. The first Dig Dug was an amazing game, incredibly abstract and bizarre when compared to its brother Pac-Man. But Dig Dug 2 was a step in the wrong direction, and the Nintendo DS game just smooshed the first two games together. We have some ideas for how Dig Dug could be naturally and satisfyingly evolved, if Namco is interested in hearing our ideas.

Another title I'd be interested in revisiting right now is Hudson’s game Milon's Secret Castle (and its SNES sequel Do-Re-Mi Fantasy). The NES game was very peculiar and I think there's a lot of potential in that franchise. Karnov on NES would also be fun to revive, but with the death of Data East, who knows who owns that character now?

And of course anything to do with pogs. I've heard pogs are coming back in a big way soon.

SEAN: The big ones for me would be E.V.O.: The Search for Eden, Mega Man and Metroid.

It kills me that there hasn’t been a new 2D Metroid since Zero Mission. It’s my favorite series, and I would be simultaneously thrilled and frightened to tackle a new version with Wayforward’s signature HD animation!

With Mega Man, he seems to be back on track with the release of the absolutely fantastic Mega Man 9. If given the reins, I had wanted to put Mega Man into a seamless 2D world and pit him against like 50 of the coolest bosses from previous games. The powers that he got would be used as gating mechanisms to get to new parts of the world. Wouldn’t that be incredible?

Lastly, E.V.O. holds a special place in my heart. For those who don’t know, it’s a platform adventure game where you eat and evolve your creature. Evolving was meaningful in ways that games like Spore just can’t duplicate. I would love to make a game where you control a constantly evolving character with different abilities. Wait, that sounds familiar… Anyway, think about it, by the end of the game you could end up with a character whose play style is tailored to your preference!

ADAM: There are also a few we’re not mentioning specifically because we have pitched them to the publishers. So depending on how those turn out, you could indeed see some more games getting the Contra 4 or A Boy and His Blob treatment from us over the next few years.

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Oct 11, 2000
Since no other company really cares much about 2D and considering the great work WF did on Contra 4, I think this qualifies as pretty good news. Especially for the Metroid franchise!

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Apr 24, 2001
You know, I freaking LOVED Metroid Prime... but then they had to go and screw it up by making a 2nd and 3rd one. Blah. I would welcome Metroid back to 2D again. Either that, or bring back the magic of the first Prime, which I doubt very much would/could happen.


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Sep 6, 2005
I'm a fan of most of the games listed...I'd buy a new title 2D version of any of them...

IF they don't come out on a fucking handheld...

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Nov 11, 2004
Wayforward rocks. I really enjoyed Sigma Star Saga and Contra IV...when they're not handling shovelware, this dev studio is capable of making great 2D games.

And as for another 2D Metroid? I think my sig pic says it all. Fusion(pt 4) was awesome and I've been patiently awaiting pt 5.


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May 20, 2004
Actually I liked Part 3 a ton as well. Part 2 was ungodly hard and made it quite boring near the end of the game.
Agreed i enjoyed part one more of metroid prime then part two.Still i wouldn't mind seeing a metroid done in,2d again that captures the magic of super metroid.

Btw no comment on MP3 my copy hasn't been played yet :emb:


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Dec 20, 2004
Wayforward rocks. I really enjoyed Sigma Star Saga and Contra IV...when they're not handling shovelware, this dev studio is capable of making great 2D games.

I had heard that Duck Amuck or whatever was actually pretty good. Dunno about anything else, but as long as it helps them get enough revenue to create their 'passion projects', then I'm all for it.

I'd like to see a Kid Dracula resurrection most out of all those.


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Oct 30, 2003
A new Guardian Legend would be the cat's ass.