I played KOF 2000 today...and Vanessa is easily my favorite character. Her animation and win poses are completely crazy...and she has some wicked sick combos! Do any of you guys use Vanessa? If not, who is your favorite character?

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Mai has no bounce what so ever...Vanessa maybe some bounce during certain attacks...Blue marry is the only one who bounces in her standing animation i think...but vanessa is completely awesome...
then I will choose to play as Vanessa when I do actually play the game, but when that will happen who knows...I guess late December. I guess since I am not a big tymer I have to wait, poor stupid me...anyway....


I have the DC KOF'99 and judging by the striker, Vanessa is already cool. BTW-"New Look" Iori looks badass.
Yeah the another striker for iori has a black trench coat on with no shirt on underneath...he looks so bad ass!


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Yeah, Vanessa kicks mad ass. It's amazing SNK can keep making cool characters after all these years. I love her taunt after her DM.

About the Mai bounce thing, I can't believe they took it out. The arcade version I played even had blood. I'm not a huge Mai fan but that's her trademark. SNK can't let the bitches from DOA2 steal the whole eye candy department. Hopefully the japanese version has the bouncing tits.

My favorite character is K'. I'm trying to perfect my "blackout" style. Y'shaa!
...and those girls from DOA2 are nothing to turn your nose up at either, so its good to see some T and A from SNK when they actually put it into a game, especially with regards to Mai. All the sudden, I have the urge to play Fatal Fury Special...
Yeah SNK's character designs are so freaking insane! How crazy is Vanessa with her suspenders underneath a buisness belly shirt!? And how crazy is it that SNK just randomly desides to give characters new out fits for each tournament...capcom never does awsome shit like that! Like Kyo in his crazy white jacket...and Athenas outfit and stance changes like every year! I LOVE SNK!
Poor Mai. Must be plastic