The Samurai Shodown 64 beta cart thread


Jaguar Ninja
I’m sure most people saw anyway but forums were down when it happened so



I am actively in the process to figure out the best method to dump the cart. It has 96 rom chips on DIMMS so I am probing the pinout to determine the best path forward.

just trying to get it done without having to remove and resolder all 96 chips. If it comes to that I have an engineer friend who will step in. I can solder but that’s too much for me

but eventually it’ll get dumped and released for free just because why not!
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Jaguar Ninja
Happy to! It's been a lot of fun

So far dump wise there are three options on the table

1) probe the DIMM boards for continuity and see if each rom leads to it's own pin. If so a female mating connector (if I can find it) can be wired up into a bread board with some pins and breadboarded into an adapter that slots into a ROM reader.

2) find the appropriate SOP adapter and capture from above. Normally the chips go in bottom down, but the adapter could be rewired from there to invert the pinout correctly

3) desolder them all and resolder them. If it comes to this it'll have to be someone else. I can solder fine but the pin pitch across 96 chips...I will fuck one up. Odds are too high.

Chatting with some people smarter than me (actual engineers, not my fine art degree hobbyist ass) to ask around for ideas