the buyrite way

Before I wised up and bought my cart system from Shawn (although I did get some good considerations from a couple of other members here), I had contacted buyrite, curious of what they wanted for a cart system and not knowing what I know now about them. They told me it would be $800; $400 for a US gold system and $400 for Metal Slug 3. Now I understand that alot of people like MS3, but how is a deal like that fair; what if the peron has no interest in MS3 or can only afford the system? Sounds kindof NGFish to me...


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Dude, use, they are the best when it comes to the Neo... I've had nothing but luck with them, and great service. I've also bought allot of PSX imports from them,and the prices are really good.


B. Jenet's Firstmate doesn't have any Cart stuff as of right now. But Buyrite is definitely like NGF almost. Not as bad but almost as bad.


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-buyrite's new offical FAMOUS quote...



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I inquired with Buyright about the cost of the new 'Mark of the Wolves' cart they have on their website, and they replied back to me with....799.99! WHAT? Isn't this at least $200 above it's real value?!? That alone will keep me from wasting any more time with them.


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I bet it cost them alot, they probably bought it from dion, and its probably 'made' out of a KOF99... I wouldnt trust em. Id never buy a "NEW" rare game, how do you know what your really buying... You can buy the stickers, and seal a brick in a Neo Geo case.... Im surprised no one has been ripped like that yet... When Star Fox for N64 came out I bought it from walmart, inside was a cassette tape holder with two AA batteries taped inside it.


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They said it was the U.S. version, and I had bought one back in March from them and it was the U.S. version but I didn't have to pay that much.


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I paid like 350.00 I'm pretty sure it was this because I was asking them why it cost 350.00 because a day ago they had it for only 260.00.


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I think it's called lets take reserves and then when people are stuck reserving from us then they will have to pay our price, and lets false advertise and say its 260.00 then lets jack up the price a hundred dollars when it gets here.


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No I don't dream about it but they are definitely making the price higher as soon as they get the carts in. They will do the same thing with King of Fighters 2000