Terraonion Direct! Monday June 17th 1pm EST / 5pm GMT


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The time has finally arrived! The Direct is scheduled for this coming Monday at 1pm Eastern Standard time or 5pm Greenwich Mean Time.

We will be airing it live on Youtube using the Premiere function.

So if you haven't already subbed to our channel, now would be a good time to do that.




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Video is set to Premiere! Click on the link and then click on the Reminder to be notified when it goes live.



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NeoSD Pro can play CD games.

MegaSD - a FPGA Sega CD system that plugs into the cartridge port of the Genesis.

Hell yeah!!


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You guys are awesome. Thanks for all your hard work. The addition of Neo Geo cd games is amazing. The Mega sd looks great and I love all the extras (genesis games with arcade audio!) Great stuff


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Nice job on the MegaCD. Now I'm glad I didn't pull the trigger on the Mega Everdrive X7.

I don't know how you guys did it with the pricing. 232 euro vs $165 (stone age gamer) for the X7. Your product has so much more value for a price that's not that much more than the X7.


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Wow, this is impressive. I will order one at the end of the year. Just getting rid of the tower of terror and reducing the PS would be worth it.


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Mind blown with both Mega SD and NGCD on the NeoSD Pro

Will be flogging my x7 very shortly


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Very cool how they were able to fit the Mega Sd in a cartridge. Got rid of most my Sega Cd stuff hoping something like this would come out one day. Will be ordering one of these in the future.


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I expected nothing less, yet feel nothing but amazed after it's revealed... excellent news!

Edit: I'd still love me a 32X SD for Saturn's RAM slot, hehe ;).
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Just for fun watch the YT video with CC turned on and enjoy YT AI completely misunderstanding.

PC Engine most of the time is "piece enjoying", and I swear last night one of them was "pissing giant", HuCards is "who cared", add-ons is "atoms" .... is actually quite funny (RGB -> LGV).

Man, AI really needs to leap forward quite a lot more.


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