Super Nova MVS Help

Big problem here....I hope someone can help. I have a mvs slot 1 (Newer Version) and when its hooked up to the nova, I cannot get a steady picture. Its ok the first 2 minutes and then all hell breaks loose. I have tried it on two 1 slot mvs boards and both do the same. I tried on a different TV, Same thing... My regular jamma boards work fine though. Only the MVS boards give me problems. I e-mailed MAS systems but nada...They dont reply...Ever.



Crossed Swords Squire
E-mailing him won't work, it is better to call him. Did you buy it from Mas systems? When you say all hell breaks loose what do you mean. If you get crazy wavy lines, then open the nova up and see what rbg converter you have. Maybe you have a bad s-video?
The picture just distorts and I get wavey lines. The reason I dont think its the actual s-video is because all of my other jamma boards work fine. The Neo Geo MVS is only one that gives me problems. Everything else is fine.