Super Dodgeball - Definitely a Boot


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Here's a nice one for the gallery, big pics ahead:






From this auction:

My advice: Avoid kesin1966
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Xian Xi

Dude I would file a paypal claim saying that the items are boots and not originals, I did that before and the seller was forced to refund me.


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Did you keep the counterfeit items?

Well, I didn't pay that much, and the MVS and KOF99 are legit.

He also didn't advertise them as being legit, and I didn't ask.

If I had at any point thought they might be authentic, I would have asked, but frankly, I never did.

The Zupapa and Super Dodge Ball both play fine, have good CRCs. If I have the opportunity to replace them with legitimate games, I might, but I'm not sure it's worth it. Assuming the boots are worth ten bucks each (a lowball given that one is SDB), and the KoF is 10 bucks, twenty bucks shipping, I got a thirty dollar one-slot.

Seems fair enough to me.
I'm very surprised you got a bootleg from that seller (I've bought jamma pcb's from), and a seller in Japan no less.

On the other hand, the Wild West C.O.W.-boys of Moo Mesa I got from him turned out to be the Asian version, so who knows where his supplies are from.

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Bootalicious ..... for the price you paid you should know it would be a boot, let the seller know you know the games are boots, just t keep him up tight.