summer music festivals

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Jul 26, 2004
general music festival discussion

any of you guys going to bonnaroo, lollapalooza, APW, etc?

or for the japanese guys here, summer sonic/fuji rock (headliners blow but undercards are phenomenal - aphex twin at summer sonic!)

i was at coachella back in april and it was a blast, will for sure be back next year as it usually seems to be the overall best event in terms of atmosphere/lineup

as far as what's next on the horizon, i'll probably be going down to LA for Hard Summer Festival - dirt cheap, tons of good acts in one day, runs to 4am, etc. seems like a good deal.


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Jan 12, 2001
i heard they've moved acl to october to make it cooler.
I'm still not too sure about it though.
it seems like a time for half of austin to sweat together while
listening to music.
not too interested in some of the people playing,
but i'll probably check out an after show if there's someone
in particular i can't go without seeing.