Stand for PVM-2950Q


noble trader
So....I've had this beast of a monitor for a few years now. Im finally looking to get a nice stand for it. To those of you that own a monitor of a similar size, can you point me in the right direction. Looking for something strong enough to support its weight but also aesthetically pleasing. I don't mind having to assemble it....also don't mind having to pay for shipping. Thanks in advance.



Gandalf Of Gibberish,
thrift shops 2nded. this means goodwill right? a quart of black satin paint will cover up a fair amount of stuff:glee: doesn't list its weight there room for a console and controller on the shelf, do the glass doors make it attractive?

52 kilobrans or a little over 115 prounds:eek: good luck!
go into a 'normal' store and tell them those stats without mentioning its an old fashioned crt how big of an lcd would that be?


noble trader
Thanks for the reply. I guess I'll be hitting thrift stores this weekend. The only thing I hate is that Goodwill and Salvation Army are now selling items using EBay pricing :(


Kyo's Flame
I'm looking at a smaller Ikea Galant table myself. They're sturdy and I think they would stay in place while Tateing the beast.

Later edit: Bought a used A Leg Galant, something like 42x24". Will report back once I'm all set up with my PVM 2950Q! Paid $40 on Craigslist if it matters.
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