SSFIIX problem


Astra Superstar
So I was playing some Street fighter II with friends the other day.
board was in the cab, locked up.
mid-match, the game freezes up, with the background getting glitchy and the character sprites still showing fine.
I decide to power down the cab, and I get this:

anybody have a clue what could be wrong?


Geese's Thug
it seems like your game turned to arkanoid game :) try reseating all ic's and other connectors first.


Giga Shock!!
Suicide rom test the "B" board.

And check sum your program roms.

If nobody 'll help, feel free to PM me.


Astra Superstar
i probably should have stated - it's a phoenix board.

bust - if i toss you a few bucks can you send me that tester rom?