ssf2 tournament battle question


I am fixing one of these boards for dragonlee. I have it all sorted i think...

When it loads it says it is for use world wide, then looks for a link. It is only in use by itself though so doesnt find one. The it loads the title screen but says ssf2 new challengers.

Does it defeault to new challengers if it doesnt find a link? I notice tge mask roms just have printed ssf2.


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Mitsurugi is the man to ask, he has the full set. I think he said that you had to have all 4 boards connected for it to work, but I'd defer to him since I've only played it once when he brought the whole thing to Mugi's.


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I recently picked up a copy of this game, and my understanding is that when not connected with 3 other boards, it plays as the new challengers. I read it somewhere, I think it was the arcadeotaku wiki


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Yes, the board boots up as New Challengers if it's not connected to the other three.