SS3 with eproms?


Edo Express Delivery Guy
So I just picked up a SS3 from someone recently. Got it in today and everything looks good. The label is original, though yellowed, and there doesn't appear to be any crease in it that would suggest it's been opened at all.

however, I can spot at least 3 windowed eproms in there that make me speculate it's authenticity. I had been under the impression that SNK never used those, but I'm reading now that there were a handful of carts made with them. By comparing what I can see through the vents to this legit board, I think it's probably legit as well, but I'd like your opinions here as well.

Unfortunately, I don't have good enough pics just yet (just got it in the mail a few moments ago). I'll take them once I get off work and have access to a better camera than the one on my phone :P

Xian Xi

All the SS carts I had that had eproms that were legit had crayon or something on the eproms like red and blue.


Edo Express Delivery Guy
Yeah, I noticed these have markings on them like that one in the pic I linked. The ones I can see are gold, red, and orange. Looks like paint pen or something :P The rest that I can see are the standard Toshiba.

I'm pretty convinced it's legit.


SHOCKbox Developer,
It's a legit,factory repaired version. There are SS III's in circulation populated with 100% solid proms.