Sony VS Bang Olufsen......


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Hi peeps,

I have a choice between a Sony KV-29FX20U or a B&O MX7000 crt.

Any of you guys know which is better for my retro consoles?

I've had an MX7000 before but destroyed it when moving it! It was a very classy set indeed.

Help me decide please. :scratch:

Thanks :)


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Not sure about that particular Sony set and we don't have B&O TVs so much in the US, but from comparisons I've seeb Faginrs500 on youtube, the trinitron is the superior set.

Condition and style counts for some points though. Choose whichever suits you better, both are good.

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B&O crts were top of the line with regard to components. I wouldn't consider them today because of proprietary issues that make them extremely user unfriendly, but their older models from the 90s were excellent.