SNK's older games on Jamma....

I know that there is many titels from SNK's early days on Jamma boards. Does anybody have a list? How many are there?

Like the "Prehistorical Island 2. Where is the first one? Jamma?

I sure would like to know this...

Thanks for any info.



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Yes, the original Prehistoric Ilse was a JAMMA board.

Fr an idea of all the SNK games, best place to look is a list of MAME supported games with their developers....

Only big titles I can think of off the top of my head is Ikari Warriros, but I am sure there are some other notable pre Neo titles. I think SNK did PI also.

I have resently purchased a cabinet (4 slot MVS) with a jamma connection. I will try to track down and buy all the older SNK arcade games. Original Ikari Warriors is one! I should get them cheep.

I'll leave some comments of games I find.
Any other out there with older/before Neo, SNK games?


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If I remember correctly, Ikari Warriors will not work in a Neo cab due to the monitor (It must be on its side) and also the fact that Ikari uses a different type of stick.

I have seen prehistoric island and it is a Jamma board. It reminds me of a older Turbo graphices games. Iraki Warriors uses a rotary control that is not on the MVS cab and yes the monitor is postion verticly.

You would probably want to get ahold of a Iraki warriors 3 cab and use it for the older 2 boards. Prehistoric island is a horizontal shooter and will work on the MVS.


Older Neo JAMMA games I can remember:

Ikari Warriors
Ikari Warriors, the Return
Ikari Warriors, the Rescue (?)
Iron Tank (?)
Guerilla War
Prehistoric Isle

I know there are many more, I just can't recall them.

I can change the monitors positsion if wanted. I can have it verticly. But I will still have problems with the controlle though. Ikari Warriors 2-3 are maybe better options to begin with. Did the second Ikari Warriors use this special controller?

Prehistorical Isle is a must for me. I have nice memorys of this game.

[I did not recognise the pictures of the PI. So it seems that I have confused this game with an another. Hmmm... I have not playd this game before. ]

Thanks for the help.

Boost more info to this topic, everything is interesting.


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There are lots of SNK Games "before Neo Geo"

- Athena 1986
- Bermuda Triangle 1987
- Chopper 1988
- POW ( Datsugoku Prisoner of war ) 1988
- Time Soldiers ( Battlefield ) 1987
- Victory road 1986
- Fantasy 1981
- Fighting Golf 1988
- Fighting Soccer 1988
- Prehistoric Isle ( Genshi Tou 1930s ) 1989
- Gold Medalist 1988
- Guerrilla War ( Guevara ) 1987
- HAL21 1985
- Ikari III The rescue 1989
- Ikari Warriors 1986
- Joyful road ( Munch Mobile ) 1983
- Lasso 1982
- Mad Crasher 1984
- Marvin`s Maze 1983
- Ozma Wars 1979
- Pioneer Balloon 1982
- Psycho Soldier 1987
- Safari Rally ????
- SAR Search & rescue 1989
- Sasuke vs. Commander 1980
- Satan of Saturn 1981
- Street Smart 1989
- Tank III 1985
- Touchdown Fever 1987
- Vanguard 1981
- Vanguard II 1984
- Sky Soldiers 1988
- Sky Adventure 1989
- Super Champ. Baseball 1989

.. maybe there`s more ??

Check out an Mame Emulator ( ) - there you can test the games & see if there upright../ controlls..


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If anyone's (Robi15?) interested still, I could possiblely get them a PI board for around $100-$120..

As I thought. Prehestorical Isle. The original first game! I have not playd this game but the pic's look good. I'm trying to get this game near my area. Again, this game does look really good!

Is there any way to know the meg count on jamma boards?

Prehistorical Isle 2 seems to have different game layout though.



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I thought Prehistoric Isle was a very shallow game. It had no depth and was pretty much boring. I'll take Blazing Star anyday.
Yeah, but Prehistorical Isle was made 1988/89!!!! Before NeoGeo and MVS!!!
Blazing Star was made 1998. 10 YEARS MAN!!



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I have to admit that i can't get enough of these old SNK games.
Look at this Ikari III. Rescue. Man,graphics are between Snes and Neo GEO. With otherwords, a good and nostalgic 2D shooter game. I really would want this one...



PS! This game was releaced 1 year before the actual Neo Geo AES systems premiere! I wonder how many MEG'S this game gould be?
Ok. This topic is SNK history. I'm shareing some pictures to you all who don't want to put time and effort to search for these classic games.

Those games seem to be one of the first arcade releaces from SNK:

Fantasy. (1981)


Ozma Wars. (1979)


Satan Saturn (1981)

PS! Look for the cool little SNK logo on the right lower corner.

And finally"Psyco Soldier" (1987)



I'm collecting old SNK jamma/psb, so these games would be fun to get hold on.