Slug X was DOA - MVS


Overtop Pathfinder
So, I got a legit MSX cart from a very reputable seller. Not a boot. Serials intact. Original Label. No eproms. Altera chip.

But, it will not boot. Funny thing about it is if I have it in slot 1 of my 4 slot, it will skip 1 & 2 and then boot from the 3rd slot.

I cleaned back when I received it and the I know every slot on the 4 slot works because I tried each of them last night.

So, I opned the MSX case again and found the top "Prog" board to be copyright 1999 and the lower "CHA" board to be 1997. The edge connectors of the two boards are different colors. The top is more of a brown color between the gold fingers and the bottom board is green.

Did someone mix up the boards somewhere, or is this how it should be and something is really wrong with the cart?

PIC 1 (top)
PIC 2 (bottom)

I didn't post in boot or no boot because I don't believe it is a boot. Maybe wrong board.


Overtop Pathfinder
DOH! I didn't even think of that. I just checked again and yes, they all say 250, thus it is the correct board. I guess this answers everything. It is dead then.