Vanessa's Drinking Buddy,
Yes... I DO read both the Neo-Geo & Shoryuken forms at work... sue me!

They just posted this story from Gaming Age... seems that Capcom is trying to create a system so that people will be able to play all Capcom games against others online... REGARDLESS of what system you may be using.

That would mean if two people had copies of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (one on a DC and the other on "system x"), then with this new system they would still be able to play against each other. THAT sounds cool. This is supposed to have support on all of the "current and future" game consoles like the Dreamcast, PS2, the X-Box and GameCube. Personally, I think they should set this type of protocol up with some of the older systems as well, primarily the Sega Saturn.

Too bad we can't see things like that happen with our beloved Neo Geo titles on other systems.
Its cool to hear of Capcom trying to do such a thing, and I thought I read somewhere that at one time SNK was considering adding some type of online feature to the neo- any ideas from anyone on that?