Should Neo Geo games be more accessible?

Master Terry Bogard

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I posted this, because I thought that this deserve to be in a seperate forum. Should it? Or is it enough? I mean there are alot of formats out there already, with Neo Geo Carts, Cds, MVS, emulation (I never used it, but I don't condone this practice), and on other video system formats.

Actually I want to know what you guys think about if more Neo Geo games are accessible thru Dreamcast, or even playstation 2. In that scenario, we can play more games cheaper, and non neo geo owners can finally enjoy the great games themselves. There are alots of Neo Geo fans out there, who don't own Neo Geo, and they shouldn't be left out just beacuse they don't have enough money to afford Neo Geo stuff (I can relate. I was one of them long time ago). Some collecters or gamers might disagree because their game values may drop. I have several valuable carts as well, but if myself and others can enjoy more games, then I think it's definitely worth it. And my argument is that currently, even though there are many routes available to play Neo Geo games, the prices don't seem to be dropping. I can understand SNK's (now Azure's) stance. They basically make money through a small nich market-like thru us. (personally I think that's why they made Saturn version of KOF 97 w/ 2 meg cart, when 4 meg option was available for a while. They could have made it fairly close to the original, if they made it for 4 meg. Then what?). Still, I think as Chimp said, they wil be not exact like original Neo Geo version. The DC ports of Neo Geo, while commendable, were not exact versions of their original counterparts. Also, they wil still be collectible. There are people who wants the original. So should Neo Geo games be more accesible to non Neo Geo owners? Any thoughts?
Do you really want to see insane games like Metal Slug 3 and Mark of the Wolves on Dreamcast? It would break my heart to see that happen. I own the MS3 home cart and I would be freakn pissed if any punk ass kid with a dreamcast could just waltz down to Electronics Botique and pick one up for $39.99. I mean I own a dreamcast too but it just wouldn't be right to steal that from the poor old Neo...
I just think that the NEO GEO is something special for alot of us and emulating its games onto other consoles takes away what the system is all about. I think that the NEO is something alot of casual gamers don't understand and never will. You should see the look on my "casual gaming" friends faces when I tell them how much I've invested into it. But thats not even what its about. People who have only played video games for the last few years would just look at Neo games like they were a piece of shit. I do also understand the positive impact it can have. The first time I ever played Metal Slug was on my saturn, and if it wasn't for that i probably wouldn't have my NEO home cart right now. And, I think MVS machines are the greatest things in the world and it gives everyone a chance to play amazing neo games, the greatest games ever made(that is if they can actually find an MVS in a local arcade) Its not that I dont want people to enjoy neo games, I just don't want them to be taken for granted...sitting on a shelf next to WWF attitude or some shit like that...
We should all meet in the chat room tonight (I think its 6:00pm) and discuss these topics together...


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I think that all versions of games should be released on as many formats as possible. I recently played an emulator of a collection of Neo games and they just don't feel the same. It's kind of like a teaser for the real thing anyway.


Well, the question is... should they be released on other formats despite being inferior versions? I don't take an elitist attitude with the Neo. I want everyone to be able to enjoy it.

However, it does take a certain amount of dedication to be a Neo Freak. You gotta spend some cash. Most people (read: gamers) out there don't get into Neo style gaming anyway. They want the latest eye-candy.

Solid gameplay and beautiful 2D graphics alone make the Neo a "cult" system. In fact, every Neo fan I have met was a serious gamer across several genres. I don't really like the word "hardcore", but I can't think of a better one.

So my point is, by it's own nature the Neo is, and probably will remain a format for the more dedicated gamer. I have played some good ports on other systems, but nothing matches the cartridge format.