Selling XBOX 8 game bundle, BFG FX5500 OC, morrowind PC! MORE!


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Aug 18, 2001
Accept PayPal! Prices include shipping to US!

XBOX 8 game bundle: $70 shipped.

All are complete, NOT greatest hits, and in near mint - mint condition.

Spikeout Battle Street
Morrowind GOTY Edition
Star Wars Knight of the Old Republic
Star Wars Jedi Academy (cover of manual slightly wrinkled)
Red Dead Revolver
Return to Castle Wolfenstein
Unreal Championship 2 stand alone DEMO with trading cards (aquired through pre-order)

Brand new unopened Morrowind GOTY Edition for PC. Includes Morrowind + both expansions. Box is unopened in mint condish: $20 shipped.

Retail BFG FX5500 OC 128MB AGP with LIFETIME WARRANTY. Includes papers and CDs that came retail with it. Used for about a month then boxed up. Good budget directx 9 card: $55 shipped.

GBA Castlevania COTM. Complete, box has slight dent towards the top, rest is mint: $18 shipped.

Motherboard/processor combo. ASUS P3B-F rev 1.03 with manual. Intel Pentium 3, 450MHz with retail fan. 512k L2 cache and 100MHz external bus speed: $30 shipped.

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