Scan lines through component input?


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Kinda like the VGA scan line generator that can be easily made, is there schematics for a component one?

I found a decent LCD TV that I can use for testing my mods without walking back and forth to my game area. It also does component for my CMVS (Neobitz), and I love it. But, I would like to have the options for scan lines when I play it.

Arcadeforge used to have one, but looks like they no longer are making them.


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Can you modify the CMVS to accept a SLG prior to reaching the Neobitz?
edit: I'm stupid, this wouldn't work. You'd just be removing detail.
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My previous post was in haste.

You're going to have to use a linedoubler and then run that through a SLG. Otherwise instead of having the scanline effect you'd just be removing half the lines of your games, leaving them looking like a blown-up Game Gear game on your LCD (with every other line dark).

A lot of people like the cheapo Gonbes upscaler. I can't speak to it from experience and there's some things I don't like about it but it's probably good for the less picky types than myself.

If you've got deep pockets the Frame Meister can upscale very quickly and can impose scanlines on its own without the SLG.

Either of those will take in 240p Component, though you should input RGB into them if possible.


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The problem with this is without linedoubling the CMVS first, you're going to be turning a 240p image into a "120p" image with every other line dark. This isn't how scanlines are supposed to look, they aren't covering detail. Some dude posted exactly this setup on the NGFL facebook group recently and it looked awful. I don't think you'd be happy with it.


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The length people will go through to get scanlines on an LCD, lol.


seeing people trying to minimize input lag and tearing by getting "0 lag" line doublers for bypassing the shitty internal scalers of TFT displays is fine in my book, that I can understand, but I don't see the point in trying to emulate "defects" from outdated tech, and on top of that, all the hardware required to accomplish that is way overpriced.

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Yeah, I'm with you. I don't mind using software scanlines if they are aligned with the pixels, specially on a VGA CRT on old MAME32 or old Neo Ragex, in other words I don't mind scanlines through emulation. More often than not I don't use them 'cause I like pixels clean anyway but they're there for fun.

The scanlines generators people are using are not aligned with the pixel count, nor would they ever be, it's bothersome to look at a misaligned scanline hovering over the lixel in a mismatch way, it just look awful. Sometimes I wonder if people are actually noticing these things at all.

Another thing I find kinda weird is how some people complaint about jags, really, it's pixels, that's what they do! To see this filters and such...ugh, to each their own.

I find that pixel art is incomplete when it's altered or distorted. I prefer uniform pixels over size, over scanlines, over anything that detriments the original pixel design. I didn't care so much until I stared creating and editing my own pixels for Mugen. Those years were a lot of fun and thought me a lot about pixels.
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