Rotating a DELL monitor stand the right way for Neo XYX tate mode

This post is to address a very specific problem, affecting quite possibly no one.

Took a bit to get this baby running in tate(vertical) mode.

My Dell monitor stand only rotates clockwise into vertical position, causing the Neo XYX screen to be upside down! There is no option to rotate via screen hardware settings or soft setting in Neo XYX.
1. We need to rotate the screen counter-clockwise from it's default horizontal position.
2. When the screen is in horizontal position, detached it from the stand.
3. Unscrew the hook attachment, rotate it counter-clockwise 90 degrees and screw it back on.

DELL Monitor stand.jpg

4. Hook screen back but in vertical position with the left short side being now at the bottom.
5. Neo XYX can now be displayed properly on the DELL stand. This adjustment also allows the screen to rotate clockwise 90 degrees back into horizontal position for normal use.
6. To get Neo XYX to run in tate mode, hold 'A' button while starting up (press 'RESET' button on your AES). This rotates the demo graphics, the in-game screen text, and most importantly, rotates your controller directions.
Extra: hold 'C' button while starting up adds 2 small planes to the left and right side of your plane that add to your firepower. So to run in tate mode with these two extra planes, hold 'A+C' buttons while starting up.

Version history:
- Added "Easy/training" mode (no score saving)
- Reduced boss safespots (S1,S3,S4,S5)
- Remaining lives bonus at game end
- Added DIP setting for "training mode", can be disabled for coin-op
- Improved CMVS / AES mode support (force "TATE" with holding 'A' button on startup)
- Normalized diagonal controls (to select old controls hold 'D' button on startup)
- Improved CMVS / AES mode support (add credits with select button)
- Bug fixes
- Improved CMVS / AES mode support (reads DIP settings on a CMVS set to AES mode)

The AES version is 1.3.


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I wish NGdev included a options menu screen like they did with the Dreamcast version for people like me who don't have a tate setup. I wouldn't mind playing Vert on a smaller screen without rotating my pvm. I don't mind playing the game as a Hori shooter, it plays fine but that extra option would have been nice.


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Good thread.

I've been doing this same mod to my Dell LCD stands for a while now.

Something to keep in mind: Not all Dell stands can have that bracket rotated. Some of them require modding the bracket to fit back on after it's been rotated.