Rate It!: Last Resort Edition

Rate It!: Last Resort Edition

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Xian Xi

Just got this game and I have to say that I like it. Pretty fun gameplay and challenging in a bunch of parts.

There seemed to be a lot of slowdown when I got those multi-missiles though. I think the only thing I didn't like about it is you can't change you main weapon. I wanted to have thos multi-missiles with those laser ripples as my main weapon.

What do you guys think of this game?

Comrade Porn King Mikhail

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Oh man, you've never played Last Resort before? :eek_2:

I really like this game. The music is superb and the little touches like destroying cars on the highway really add up. There is some slowdown and the weapon system is somewhat uninspiring. The two player mode is completely broken: several bosses can not be defeated without suiciding or restarting level to obtain the launch pod. However, overall this is an extremely fun hori R-Type clone that's worth the experience.



Xian Xi

Ya, got it in a trade but it is an interesting game.

My favorite part of the game is the continue screen, I love the sound effects.


Legendary Member
Very well put together for an early game.

Well worth hanging on to.

I think the programmers had help from an outside source.

Praise the Lard

Sieger's Squire
I'd give it a 7. The graphics, sound, and core game play are all fantastic. Unfortunately, it's peppered with areas that just don't seem properly balanced. There doesn't seem to be much in the way of natural progression of difficultly and the game too often goes from being a walk in the park to a brutal mess and back to being a walk in the park.
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Jaguar Ninja
Last Resort is definately one of the better schmups on the Neo Geo, but still pales in comparison to Pulstar.

On its own though, its graphically nice to look at, and definately poses a decent challenge with a good bit of replayability. Some of the little details like the cars on the highway tell me the developers really took their time to make a quality product.


Witchsmeller Pursuivant
Yeah... It's a few years behind Pulstar BUT will keep XX busy untill he finds one.
For some reason the title FX's remind me of cult TV classic Blakes 7 :scratch:

I don't shoot the cars.


Jaguar Ninja
I never knew you could shoot the cars till I saw it in a video

For last Resort, I like the art style. Its a bit more subdued than Pulstar, and is a bit more "realistic" (except for the obvious complete unrealistic nature of the game haha) in its styling.


Troller of Old Men,
I give it an 8, it loses 2 points for having too few levels, and being hard as balls.

Otherwise its an awesome shooter, I love the music and the atmosphere.
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A Broken Man
One of those games known more for its amazing first level than anything else.

I'd love to play it more...I really need to.

Official Ninja

Morden's Lackey
I always loved last resort. Excellent shooter.

The only problem with the game is that its hard as balls.
With limited continues on the AES, I've only been able to get through the first few levels.

Electric Grave

King of Spammers
I gave it a nine. I think Last Resort is superb and the way the droid works is pretty cool, I like it better than pulstar. Defenately a must own Neo game for those into the shooter genre.

Note: lolicakes to those complining about the difficulty.
I always loved last resort. Excellent shooter.

The only problem with the game is that its hard as balls.
With limited continues on the AES, I've only been able to get through the first few levels.

You could use a memory card, when loading up a saved game you get all your credits back.


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Game is hard, but that doesn't relaly detract from it at all...

Gave it an 8. If I'd played it when it first came out, I woulda given it a 10 for the "wow" factor that must've been there.

Neo Gold

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Stonking old skool shmup & no misstake!...grabbed this on release & loved it to bits...music/graphics gameplay combine!!..love the slowdown too! ;) really helps out on later stages etc...esp when you arrive at loop-2...great little ending tho...i'm soo close to BBH's score dammit!!..:D


Jaguar Ninja
Gave it an 8 for single player but co-op would drop that score down to a 4 for me. I can deal with the slowdown and ship disappearences in 1 player mode and love the game for what it is. 2p makes me cringe.