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Hi, I don't see any info on this game in previous posts, so I was wondering if my Jap King of the Monsters 2 cart is supposed to have 2 eproms on the right side of the top board (P1 & P2). One says NEC Japan and the other is a Toshiba chip but both are eproms. Otherwise the cart seems totally legit. Were they made like this or is this some kind of repair?

Thanks for the help.
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Can you provide pics?

But based on your description I'd think that the game's legit, I've heard those manufacturers have made chips for SNK.


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Even without pics, I'd say it's legit. Who the hell would make a boot of King of the Monsters 2? I don't think it was ever a big earner, nor is it collector's favorite.


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Hey thanks guys, I actually did take a photo but I couldn't figure out how to insert it into the post like I see other people doing. If someone could enlighten me that would be great.

I know the game's not a boot, I have some other jap carts that have some legit eproms but they usually have a white numbered sticker on them. In addition I couldn't find any other posts concerning eproms in KOTM2 so I thought maybe there was something fishy about my copy. It's no big deal, I just thought that someone who has the cart on hand might be able to double-check for me. Thanks for the replies.