PVM 2130QM: which speakers to use?


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logitech computer speakers here. the exact models?? not goning to chack for yoo sorry.
they plug into the two slot, maybe is harder without one?


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I use a pair of Sony SS-X6A attached to it. Not the most powerful loudspeaker but really OK for me.

Sony APM-X5A can be used also, they're better loudspeakers in terms of power.

These are the recommended by Sony in 2130's manual.

2130 outputs 7W+7W @ 8 ohms.

Sometimes APMs pop up in eBay, less commonly X6A.
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Bang got the buck, eh? I just set up a pair of Dayton B652 bookshelf speakers ($40) with a Lepai 2020A mini amp ($20) and a beefier power supply ($7) and it sounds fucking amazing considering the price. The speakers aren't shielded though, so you don't want them right up against the monitor.

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I'd go with a basic pair of powered studio monitors. Hit up your local Guitar Center, and try out some different setups and determine which pair you like best.

These look pretty good, and are in your price range, and have RCA, TRS, and USB inputs.

I've used Behringer equipment for live sound and recording in the past. I felt that their products offer good value for the money and they were reliable and never let me down.
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First I've heard of it, but I wouldn't be surprised. Source?

I was doing a hyperspin desktop project and was looking for an amp to put in it. So I went on the web looking for what is best in terms of price/performance .. and found some amazon reviews and audio forums suggesting that pyle/lepai amps tend to catch on fire... not something that is 100% to happen .. but good to keep in mind in terms of safety.


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Bose used to make an excellent pair of speakers for 100 bucks. The set I have right now is at least 8 years old and sounds great. I think they have a newer version out now that is similar.


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I don't have the original speakers, what does everyone here use for their PVM?
You can just use headphones plugged into your AES/CMVS, instead.
The original PVM speakers are crap, so a lot of the speakers you could get (with a decent brand name) will be better than those.