Krauser's Shoe Shiner

A friend gave me a non working PVM-1442QM.
He told me that the fuse is blown and that he replaced it as well as 2 transistors on the FE board.
While the 2 transistors match with the component listed on the manual, the fuse installed was rated 10A! instead of 4A time-lag.
Anyway I have replaced the fuse and check that the 230Vac goes thru. Regardless the monitor doesn't turn on. Probably other components went bad since the 10A fuse did not blow.

Not sure where to start looking right now. any suggestions?


Krauser's Shoe Shiner

I have dismantled every boards but the neckboard and found a tick layer of greenish dust covering the whole A board placed at the bottom.
A suitable fuse (4A time-lag) is now installed.


1- I think the initial fault could be due to the layer of dust shorting components together.
Will clean it up.

2- The screen does not power on at all and I think it is due to the overrated fuse (10A) installed previously.

What would be the next component to fry instead of the fuse?
Any advise would be really appreciated.

Note: my house main circuit-breakers tripped while tracing AC voltage between Power Board and chassis.
I was thinking on acquiring an insulating transformer but it might not prevent the main CB to trip again.


Camel Slug
yikes is that dust or leaking electrolyte? burn a lil with ur iron and see if it smells real bad (dont breathe a lot in tho, kinda poisonous lol).
make sure the monitor isnt wanting 120. you need to check the power supply bridge rectifier and switching power transistors. not a simple fix at this point. you know any techs in the area? we always need work :p