pricing the buyrite way

I sent buyrite an email, as I was curious about their prices on the following carts, this is what I got back:

Mark of the Wolves 799.99
King of Fighters 98 199.99
Metal Slug X 399.99
Waku Waku 7 499.99

I suppose some of those prices are competetive, but the price on MOTW most certainly is not! Just thought I would share this info with you guys.


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MOTW for $800, gosh, we should ask Mark (the owner) what kind of illegal substances he's using and where we can find them! (just kidding)

You can get the game from Jyosui for $450 or Superseller for around $550 (last time I checked).


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I remember a time when Buyrite was actually a decent operation before they became greedy. Just two summers ago(Aug '99) I purchased a Brand New US Last Blade 2 and a Brand New Waku Waku 7 from them for $299.99 each. Those days are are loooong goooone!!