Power on rev. 1


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Sep 18, 2002
Just got my H64 rev1 in and saw that the powercord was cut off at one side :(

would it still be possible to hook it up without much hassle? I now have 4 loose wires that have to go somewhere (to be honest I did not check yet how to hook it up in my cab :glee: ).

As for the extra 5 volts that have to be added, I read everywhere that they have to be added but not where or how I need to add them (could be that I`m just not looking hard enough, if so please ignore me :D)

EDIT: is this the correct way of adding the 5 volts?
http://www.hardmvs.com/html/neg5volt.htm /EDIT

thanks for your input!
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Dec 12, 2003
see if this helps

I was having some similar issues. Is the connector that goes into the Hyper board still there? If so, then its no sweat. Top 2 wires are for +5, bottom 2 go to ground.