Possible to mod a neo for component video out?


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Mr. kurts, this is a good tech question for you. I was discussing this earlier with someone and we came to the conclusion it would be possible and actually quite an easy mod since the neo can already do RGB and component is just a modified RGB signal (I beleive the R and B aren't seperated but the G is). Maybe this would be possible to do without even doing an internal mod. Mr Kurtz, any thoughts?



Tech Support Moderator,
I would have to check since I don't have any notes with me on this. I haven't looked at this for a very long time, but...

Component video is Y (Chroma), Y-R, Y-B.

Since the Neo doesn't output a clean Y singnal, you would have to do it internally.

Basically it's simple algebra. You would need to subtract R from Y and B from Y. Then, buffer each signal to form the Y, Y-R, and Y-B lines. The component circuit of the TV will reverse these subtractions to form the G signal internally??? Or something like that. At one point you may need to add G to Y or something. It's been a long time since I looked at the specs for Component Video.

But yea, it was pretty simple. The only drawback for an external mod was with the lack of Y externally, but I guess if you needed, you could stip it from the Composite signal (yuk).

As with any "conversion" of the video signal, loss occurs, so this isn't the same quality as true RGB, but it's slightly better then SVideo.

I was experimenting with this a long time ago (almost a year ago), got it to work on my TV which I hacked component input to it -- BUT, since I couldn't be sure that it was correct since I didn't have a TV with REAL component input on it, I didn't want to offer it to people with it potentially being wrong. Of course, the DVD player I bought didn't have component video at the time, so I couldn't check my TV hack with something that had real component out.

TV's with component video are dropping in price. As soon as I buy one, rest assured that I'll clean up the mod and offer it. I've had a couple people ask me about this.