Please help. I can't get Neo Geo to work!

Master Terry Bogard

Belnar Institute Student
Hi. I would appreciate any help. I recently bought a Neo Geo system, ser. no 018664 on ebay. I was told by the seller that it was English version and works fine. Right off the bat, the transaction wasn't good. For one, I had to give my shipping address 3 times, because he claimed to have lost it, among others.

Well, I came back to my place in Greenbelt today, and saw that the system had arrived. Unfortunately, I can't get the blasted system to work! I used the 2 coaxing cables to connect it to antenna and ch3/4 output from the Rf unit(?) to TV input . I know the power is ok, because I get a slight distortion when I turn it on, but that's basically it. It's like I am getting a channel that gets no signals.

Did I make any mistakes with hook up? Does it need cleaning? I cleaned it (it was dusty, but, regardless it should be fine anyway. The seller said it worked great). Was the system dead to begin with? I am DYING to play Mark of the Wolves and other Neo Carts that I got just a week ago. I paid a small fortune for those, and now I can't play! I also have to pay other Neo Geo items that I bid on. What's the use of buying them if I can't play with it.