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Jun 8, 2014
Hi there,

I'm (was) very happy with my Switch, but maybe the hype killed it to me, maybe my little girl deserves more attention and I feel guilty even having a run in MK8 meanwhile she wants to build LEGO with me. I don't know guys, I was waiting for this console since the Wii and I went all in and then oh well.

Used about 12-16 hour in total, some Mario Karts runs, some walking around in Zelda, some shooting in Blazing Star (oh how I'll miss this one)

Looking for 750?*, I live in Spain, to be considered for shipping. Also games are EUR format.



Console, complete.
Pro controller.
Hori Hard case (not pictured)
Hori deluxe screen protector, very well applied.
Four hard games, Zelda (with DLC included), Mario Kart, Puyo Tetris (already sealed) and Bomberman R.
Eight digital games:
Wonder Boy, Snake Pass, Graceful Explosions Machine, FAST RMX, Metal Slug 2 y 3, Blazing Star, Alpha Mission II.

It has two accounts, one spanish, one japanese. The japanese has some yens in it, 300 I believe. Spanish one some cents. Both are linked now to generic gmail accounts created to not lose the digital games in the selling transaction, as you know Nintendo digital management in second hand sellings is shit.

Let me know if anyone is interested, mainly I believe it will only be of interest to EU users but I'm willing to ship overseas.

*Lastly, I know price is high, but I'm just trying to get back what it costed me; and everything has been taken care as it deserves.
No smoking home, if you mind it.
If it's not possible well, I'll have to keep it, wife's not letting me lose any cent on this one.


Edit: Not on sale anymore due to understandable lack of interest. Also I miscalculated price and overpriced it by 40€, my mistake I'm sorry. The whole nintendo account is a mess to deal with; to sell something with digital content inside is shit.
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