NGF's time is UP - Fraud Filings Start NOW!!!


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Two weeks have elapsed, and I have not had any type of response from NGF on the deal that was made in June. It is obvious to me that they do not intend to respond as they have been updating their website, bidding on
auctions on Ebay, posting to their Neo Geo list, and they have been in contact with Shawn about his Strikers 1945 Plus cartridge (and also Jeff Kurtz).

Since they have not bothered to contact me, over the next few weeks I will be filing criminal complaints with many of the law enforcement agencies and organizations listed in the 'Ultimatum to NGF' post that can be found in the '16-bit Neo Geo' forum at

Complaints will be filed against both Dion Dakis, the person who the deal was made with, and Chris Ray, his partner. Since neither of them took action with my complaint to NGF, they are both liable. Being as so, local agencies in Colorada, Nevada, and Maryland will be contacted.

Here is the information on both of them I have been able to gather on both of them:

Dion Dakis
1412 Kirby Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89117-1207

Chris Ray
8730 Cloverleaf Circle
Parker, CO 80134

Any further information people can provide is appreciated. NGF is calling themselves the 'Neo Geo Future' but can not even complete a simple transaction at all. How can we consider them a helpful resource to the Neo Geo community when they can not respect the members of it!



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How big of a deal does it have to be before it becomes something that enforcement agencies really take note and pursue things?


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I'm not trying to defend NGF is anyway, but you are kind of wasting your time trying prosecute NGF for fraud. Fraud is a very serious offense and you will need very strong proof that NGF has blatantly taken your money under false pretences, with the malicious intent not to deliver the product. You will need to provide hard evidence in order for the authorities to even consider your complaint.

The best you could probably do is take them to a small claims court and sue them for the money they owe you.
Well smokeya I'm going to have to disagree a bit with you on that one. On the fraud thing I will agree however when it comes to the FBI site everything is tracked so If there is a series of complaint filed on one company it will be looked into especial if it is backed up with email. The fbi will also investigate the claim on a first report, however any action taken is determined on how much info you can provide.

I learned this through a consumer talk show here in town call Consumer Dean. I had launch a compliant against amazon when I had won several auction from them and they would not combine shipping. I ended up getting 9 different packages most from the same place. oh and they're excuss......they stuff is all being shippied from seperate location...yeah right that is why most of my packages were postmarked from the same location
anyway I was really pissed but did not Presue it since after all I was getting neo pocket games for like $5-$10 a piece. still kinda urked me. This year I'm signing on with the Shell Firm so I can use the company lawers for any problems I have.



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This is not only dealing with the FBI, but also the US Postal service for mail fraud, among many other fraud groups.

If one organization does not bother to follow up, I am sure another one will.



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Well you may be right Big B. There is a possibility that the FBI may actually investigate, but they still can not take any legal action without proof. What proof of fraud is there?

Like everyone else, I have seen many complaints about NGF on this message board. It seems that there is a common pattern to the complaints. Here is the most common pattern:

1) NGF promises a specific item to the buyer

2) The buyer sends NGF money for the item

3) After NGF receives the money, they claim that they don't have the item or there will be a delay in delievering the item

4) Some time passes and the buyer grows frustrated

5) NGF makes another offer to the buyer for alternate items (which usually involves the buyer sending more money)

6) The buyer accepts this new deal and sends more money

7) The deal ends and buyer usually returns!

Now I agree this is a horrible business practice, but it does not constitute fraud. The main reason that it is not considered fraud is because of step #6. Because of step 6, the buyer ends up being satisfied with items and this cancels out the fraud. If more people simply stood their ground, did not settle for alternate items, and never receive their items, THEN there may be a possibility for fraud. Even then it is still difficult to prove.

Mouse_Master seems to be stuck at step 4.


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Well, I would not say I am stuck at #4 really, but your list does seem accurate!

At step #4, whatt they have done now is fraud. Consumer laws say that orders must be filled within 6 to 8 weeks. My check was taken to the bank on 6/8 and it was processed on 6/9.

Under Federal consumer laws you give a seller two weeks notice to rectify a situation, and then if they do not respond, they are committing fraud.



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Well, based on "NGF"'s failure to respond to Keith's complaints, I think everyone on this board should follow their actions and spread the word about their fraudulent business activities. Both here, and on the DL board (although that board is currently only host to a silly flame war between three people at this time), the DHP list, on websites (Shawn, can't you post something about this?), and anywhere else possible.

The more the word is spread, the more likely people are to avoid dealing with Dion or Chris at all. I'm really surprised that Dion would further damage his reputation over such a small transaction, but judging by his past behavior, I shouldn't be.

Anyway Keith, let me know what I can do to help. Sorry this hasn't been resolved yet, but maybe if we keep on Dion, they will eventually make it right.


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People want some proof, here it is, account numbers removed....



Need I say more?



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Your lists are completely accurate.
It's what's happened to me.

I am trying to look for my old e-mails (hope I do not delete them) and try to summarize my first deal with NGF.
I will post my freaking deal with NGF soon in new thread...

To Dion...
I thought you are trying to change and clear your reputation.
You should be ashamed calling you as Neo Geo freak.
I now clearly know the reasons why NEO community against you.


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Hell yeah you guys, NEO GEO FREAK is the Neo Geo future so keep the name alive

They are such a joke, and the funny thing is I think they know they are.



Did you talk to Dion about your transactions at all on any of the forums? That would go along way to proving that he offered you some items from his company. What you need to do is search your e-mail archives for all records of the deal, and save them to a separate file, like in Word. Then, try and get copies of all your long-distance bills, showing that you tried to make contact, but could not make any to resolve the dispute. Keeping the canceled check was one of the smartest things you could do. That together with the e-mails shows that you were ripped off. Make sure you keep multiple copies of all files, including the check. All this was told to me by a friend in the law buisness, but take it with a grain of salt just to be cautious. I just wanna say thanks to Carl, you rock!