NGF isn't these forums

The Black Knight

Cheng's Errand Boy
NGF isn't these forums. NGF are a bunch of smelly, unwashed Greek boys craving attention and money.

What are these forums? A place where good, decent Neo-Fans post, and post well, trying to tell the new Neo-Geo owners about smelly, unwashed Greek boys craving attention and money, and decide how to get rid of them.

NGF isn't this forum. NGF is a disease. And consumer awareness, business awareness, and web-business awareness is the cure. NGF stands with two major import dealers despising them wonders what steps they might be taking in addition to the steps the people that ripped them off are taking?

With enough scrubbing, we'll get the disease out of this forum. It's while we're bashing this disease in the head with baseball bats, we educate as well. Good stuff.

By the way...Dion, Chris...I recommend you stop posting. You just keep embarassing yourselves, like only imbeciles can.

- The Black Knight

The Black Knight

Cheng's Errand Boy
Oh, and they might be trying to flood a few things off so that others can't see what's going on, just the NGF name...but I'm sure you know that.

NGF isn't this forum now, but it's going to be if they keep jamming on the "Post New Topic" button...maybe it's Pavlovian, and they are getting a food pellet for doing it.

NGF, some cruel human experiment...that actually makes some sense.

- The Black Knight


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I have to agree here. Like I said before NGF is not these forums, They are being pests.

Just send Chris his money back. It's not worth this hassle. Sure Chris will probably flame you or either play it off as it's no big thing but this kind of treatment is why nobody LIKES Dion or Chris here with the immature bullshit they keep posting. No matter weather they did a few good deals or nt, They are not WORTH the hassle.

Dude, I haven't spoken to you before but the way you're acting is wrong. You should not have opened this can of worms and took it to email privatly instead of throwing all this in front of our faces. I get annoyed when Shawn sometimes gets on NGF's case but I at least see his reasons. 2 weeks Chris isn't that long compared to how long you made him wait with a LOT more money spent by Shawn for those goods from you to him. Just because you make people wait for ungodly forever doesn't mean everyone else will. IF you're not happy with how Shawn is being, Get your money back and just drop it.



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Mr. Black Knight, you have a good point about NGF flooding the forums with useless topics. I have moved the rash of recent NGF topics to the War Room so that more important topics will have precedence.