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With the histeria that is going around NGF would like to clarify for everyone what the current situation is with us, our relationship with SNK, and upcoming events.

First of all, a few notes for the needless posts that just clutter up these forums:

We have a policy NOT to answer to hateful messages that do nothing but taint the goodwill we attempt to promote. We cannot/will not reply to flames, it is a needless battle against childish behavior.

We prefer to use one screen name, a name the represents our collective thoughts. This is not to mask who is posting, ALL NGF posts are universally approved of by all NGF staff.

This should clear up any confusion as to why we dont just post "for stars". When NGF makes a post, we realize it has a tremendous impact, so we try to keep our posts to a minimum and very worthwhile to the neo fan.

The current situation with NGF is we now, after SNKUSA has been completely absolved, have officially ON the record, taken over all consumer distribution of SNK products for the US market. As unbelieveable as it seems to some people, this is fact.

Our relationship with SNK Japan is as follows: We have worked for many years closely with SNK Japan and SNK USA in a "off the record", but acknowledged capacity. The official on the record relationship is now fully complete. It is a new era for the lucky neo owner. You now have a distributer that cares and knows what the consumer market wants.

As for upcoming events, they are many. First and foremost is KOF2000 limited edition English package release. As crazy as it may sound, NGF is completely responsible for SNK Japan relenting to an English package release of KOF2000. We were in heavy negotiation with SNK for months regarding this issue. There have been many websites that have posted misinformation about KOF2000 English, due to the fact that their normal distributors could not supply this cartridge. SNK Japan agreed to grant exclusive rights to the English package release to NGF. The English package release is being handled by NGF exclusively. The cartridge, sticker, manual, insert, box, etc. are 100% completely authorized, printed, and delivered to us by SNK Japan. We are just distributing this cart, for the English package fan. These are the type of things that NGF is bringing to the neo fan. Do you really think SNKUSA would have bothered? I dont. Look at Metal Slug 3. There are many other new developments that will be marketed in the coming months. These are all going to be exciting, they are to us, and I know they will be to any NeoGeoFreak out there.

As far as the old stock goes, we did in fact get this from SNK Japan. WE requested the list of old stock titles, which inadvertently got faxed to ALL the distributors, creating a flood of "new neo geo stock advertisements" on various retail web sites. This stock was all meant for NGF from the beginning. We secured the stock as agreed with SNK Japan, and are now distributing it to all the US retailers that advertised the availability of new stock.

To clarify the AES inserts, they are all being corrected, WITH COMPLETE understanding of SNK Japan. We discussed this with them, and, at our expense, we agreed to correct any of the mislabeled stock. As stated before, NGF is not going to continue to propagate the errors created by SNKUSA. We have been striving to standardize all the inserts with proper genre striping for years, knowing this day would come. Our stance has always been that SNK Japan understands that the US market needs consistant standards, and NGF was authorized to make this happen. These AES carts,with corrected inserts are officially recognized and original aes carts, delivered as new old stock to consumers. It would be the same as if nintendo made a typo on a box, and reprinted it, correcting the mistake before shipment. Does this change the fact that it is official? Not to SNK Japan, NGF, or open minded collectors.

We realize that some people may be skeptical about our stock purchase, KOF2000, etc. But now is the time to open your mind and accept the fact that NGF wants to HELP the NeoGeo Fan. NGF is ready to put all the negativity behind us, giving everyone a fresh start. We dont want any NeoGeoFreak to be soured by a few vocal detractors. NGF even invites these people to contact us for AES cart, buy from our retailers, or just relax and enjoy what AES carts you already have.

NGF will be available for your Neo needs, to answer your questions, or even just to chat about anything.

Lets make this the day, and this the post, that starts the unification of all Neo fans.

Thank You,

NGF Staff

The Black Knight

Cheng's Errand Boy

We want money. If you're stupid enough to believe us, we'll get your money, and we wont send you anything. And we can get away with it.

I figure it's a good thing I help you guys out...I minored in a language, "Car Salesman". Dion is just a dialect of that.

-The Black Knight


Kula's Candy
I think the whole situation is two fold:

First, (as an individual and a consumer) I am more concerned with you actually DELIVERING product. So far as a consumer that is my beef with you(NGF). You have a few rare games on your list at excellent prices. I'd love to buy these from you but until you address our concerns about actually receiving product my money will stay in my wallet.

Second, to those who think Dion charges alot - this is probably true. $4K for a rug with "Neo Geo" on it was a bit expensive and so was the illegitimate KOF2000 cart. But let's be frank here, some of you guys who whine about Dions carts are also scalping people on the BBS here in the "For Sale" section. So don't get all high and mighty on us.

Anyway, if NGF can convince me that they are fixing their shipping department then I will buy from them. And if I get my merchandise as ordered I will most definatly post recommendations on here.


AES Contact Cleaner, Extraordinaire!!!,
ok ok ok,

Dion, or whoever the hell you are, do you really think that we are gonna believe you and buy all that "Original" Stock?? If it is so original then I would like for you to open one MS1 cart for this whole Forum to see. Thats right, I would like you to post the pic here and at your NGF website. I would like to see if you are really being truthful about having all of this stock in the first place...? I know all companys start out bumpy, but this is crazy!!! Like it or not, NGF will never be SNK, nor will NGF ever be a n"Official" Distributor of Neo-Geo games and or Merchandise... It was fun while it lasted...but Dion..really...just be honest for a second here...are you really into SNK that much?? Do you like videogames that much??? What is your favorite Neo game? Why do you have such an obsession with AES carts???? I would like to know the answers to these questions! Please respond!

PS: the above was not intended to be a "Flame" so I would like an honest answer from and "Honest" NGF employee

Caris Nautilus

Wow where do I even start, Most of what Dion just said is complete BS.

NGF not likeing to respond to negative threads? Well what was with the post "We have ALL the stock, And the crump, face it NGF rules" or some junk like that.

That's not how a company is supposed to run things.

Also as for you claiming your the official SNK usa distributor now dream on. You may have a contact at SNK japan or whatever, But you really think 2 guy's modding carts out of their homes are gonna be the "Official distributor for SNK in usa"? blah blah blah.

As for the part where you say "Let's put everything negative behind us", No one would have a problem with you guys if you did good deals and sold quality products, But time and time again you prove this wrong.

Christ Shawn paid like over a grand for that strikers cart, And he got the f-ing thing DOA! WTF is that shit? I would have been buying a plane ticket and sawing off my shotgun if I was him.

You'd think for a GRAND you would accually test the cart before you sent it to him, And accually do a QUALITY mod job, Even jeff said the job was sloppy I heard.

That just shows how ALL you want is money, Which is OK for a company to do, But you guys care 0 about quality and getting people what they pay for, You want it to be one way, Once you get the money from them you could careless what happens after that, If their shhit comes working ect.

Shawn basically had to sue your ass to get his shit you were holding hostage, And only after you were getting such a bad wrap on the forums here from all the REAL neo fans did you send him his stuff.

Talk all you want NGF but you need to show people if your gonna change, Not just say so.


Former Moderator
Sure, I'll buy your fake inserts . . . NOT!

Sorry, even if you did get all the stock, you can shove every one of those 1200 cartridges UP YOUR ASS, cause thats the only place they belong. They're tainted, all your fucking cheapass inserts are fake and unofficial and unlicensed. When you pull the real insert OUT of a cart, and shove your own FAKE insert back in, you destroy the value of that cart.

I'll take the beautiful homebrew inserts/stickers/manuals created by Trey, Keith, and Jeff anyday over your fake ones. When you guys see the homebrew Metal Slug manual that is in production, you'll realize how POOR all of your stuff is, that is the ONE manual you've produced!

I have NO "NGF" carts in my collection, and I'm THANKFUL of that! If I did, I'd unload them, like Scott Wozniak unloaded that fake, shitty Metal Slug X cart you sold him, complete with fake orange-striped insert!

My collection is 100% pure, unadulterated SNK produced stock, actually except for one case, a beautiful, clean Metal Slug 1 converted cart complete with high-quality insert and cart sticker, thanks to Jeff Kurtz. His MS1 carts are top rate, really very well done, and very REASONABLE. I supplied the MS1 MVS cart and SS2 home cart, he took care of the rest. And anyone else here should also do the same, if they like the Metal Slug series at all. MS1 on home cart is GREAT to have! And not for $1100 from "NGF", WAY less from Jeff.

As for your "restock", no fucking thanks. Hope they rot in your basement. AMF NGF.

Neo Fan

King's Dry Cleaner
I really think it is a mistake to replace all those cart inserts with NGF versions. That should be an option for those who want it, but you should't force that on consumers that want an SNK printed insert.
Well 'NGF', how is that fake converted Ninja Masters doing? You know the one that was 'lost' in the mail when I shipped it back to you after paying $335 for a cart I was told was authentic. Has it finally arrived? Do I get my money back? Another cart? Yes please 'NGF' customer service, I would appreciate you looking into this matter with your new-found professional attitude.

That darn Postal Service, it's always their fault. I've mailed over 40 carts over the past 1.5 years and this Ninja Masters is the only one that was ever lost. Isn't that just the gosh-darndest coincidence?

Lee (garg7)



replacing the inserts is the same as orginal POlaystation releases versus Platinum Releases. No one will pay more for a platinum (or however the reissues in the us are called) version new as for the original version.


Armored Scrum Object
NGF is so full of BS it's not even funny! When you guys talk about "distributing" the stock to all of the US retailers who advertised it, I almost fell off my chair laughing! For example VGD advertised KOF'99 for $159.99 and NCS advertised it for $170. Your price is $199!. NCS also advertised Metal Slug 2 for $180. Your price is $389!! Why the fuck would NCS buy your MS2 and then sell it for a $200 loss!! You guys are so out of it. You have no stock and you have no life! Also, since you don't respond to flame posts (yeah right), I guess I'm in the clear.



NEST Puppet
The prices we list is our selling prices for direct consumor purchases. Stores get all games for a much discounted wholesale cost.

As for the supposed lost Ninja Masters from Lee, can you please supply us with a shipping or tracking number that shows you really sent the game back?

We have always fullfilled all deals, exchanges, and returns, as even Shawn can verify.



Former Moderator
The prices we list is our selling prices for direct consumor purchases. Stores get all games for a much discounted wholesale cost.

Only problem is, no retailers are buying your bullshit. NCS won't buy from you, VGD won't, no one will. You're just a couple fuckups who think they're BIGTYMERS, when they're nothing but SMALLTYMERS.

Keep your tainted carts, no one wants them. I'll take the REAL carts, from REAL retailers, not fake bastardized carts from "NGF". If you got them all, hope you enjoy them. Its gonna take you a LONG time to move 1200 carts on eBay, and you ain't gettin $389 for a MS2 cart; lay off the glass pipe before you write up your prices . . .

Originally posted by NGF:

As for the supposed lost Ninja Masters from Lee, can you please supply us with a shipping or tracking number that shows you really sent the game back?

You have always used this trick to get around your crooked ways, you've used it time and again with people.

You egotistical morons are killing the system, you are sharks, vultures feeding off a dead system and you make me sick.

This post at VideoGameDepot ( is the beginning of the end people. SNK have always been great at games and shit at business, and we are seeing the result; greed, piracy, and exploitation by these ego driven morons.

DO NOT BUY these carts people.

It should ALWAYS be about the games, not money and power. These two are hack purveyors of fools gold.

Lee (garg7)

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