NG:Dev team wooden MVS carts.


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So I guess that confirms reprints for their MVS games too then?
Or is it just wooden shells and no more actual game pcbs?

edit: was this already discussed? Should this be merged to one of the ngdev team game threads or does this deserve its own thread? I have no idea but it was news to me so...
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Gotta say, I think I like shadow's version of the replacement shells far better. I saw these on their facebook page and was pretty meh on the whole thing.


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They are pretty, but having no side label seems like a missed opportunity to me. I gotta give a nod to Shadowkn's design as well.


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While these do indeed look very nice not having the side art is kinda meh for me also. Think I will just wait for Shadow's as well. I am kind of curious as to how much these will cost though.


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It's not so much the missing side art, as these are MVS cases. It just seems like an attempt to bring Big Tyming to the MVS. Shadow's cases seem like an improvement to the original design. These just seem unnecessarily lavish, given that the MVS is supposedly the "low rent" section of the Neo scene.


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It looks ok in black but defo dont like the other plain one but if I was to get one I would prefer plastic.


I think they look great, especially in ash but seeing as everything else we already have is plastic i think it would be better to stick with that.


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Personally, I think the clear MVS carts look best against the wood. Wood on wood just doesn't work for me *ahem*...

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Personally, I think the clear MVS carts look best against the wood. Wood on wood just doesn't work for me *ahem*...

Exactly. Considering the majority of CMVSs out there aren't of the AI variety and some these carts are going to be in cabs basically unseen, I'm not a fan. As others have said, the new Omega case + a label would be a much more appealing option to buyers as a whole. I'd probably pay a few bux more to NOT have a wood case.