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Dec 4, 1977
Or how to avoid exposure to more vitriol than usual...

Welcome to the Forums: home of the Neo-Community.

In no particular order (since you should read it all)
  • If you're relatively new to the Neo-Scene, you may want to look at our Neo Glossary: A quick guide for Newbies and a refresher for Vets…
  • Take a look at DanAdamKOF's New Member FAQ (slightly out-of-date) for guidance on how our forum works.
  • Do you have a question but think it may have been asked recently? Try our "Search" function at the top of the page. Important hint: Do NOT use common words like "the", "a", or even "Neo"; too many hits and the search will not work. It's more art than science, but some of us have got it to find all sorts of stuff. It helps if you can also narrow down which forums it might be in.
  • Want to know more about the more notable historical moments on these forums? Take a look through our "Best of" forum, full of some of the more notorious and/or funny threads of the past.
  • You may quickly notice that our forums have a higher tolerance than most when it comes to swearing, flaming and general tomfoolery. This is true, and proud we are of it. However, don't feel like you're the one who's going to push those limits. Our bullshit tolerance is not all that high, and we will squash any irritating Spartacuses in short order.
  • Members here may come off as a little more cynical, snarky and generally harsher than what you might be used to. This doesn't apply to all our members, but it's part of what gives this forum its particular character and comes in line with the previous point. Don't take it personal, roll with it and you may find out why we have such a loyal userbase.

So, again: Welcome to
Come for the games, stay for teh Drama
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