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Well I was supposed to get a free copy but it never showed up . . .


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Originally posted by yuckydog:
I subscribed a while ago but I haven't gotten the premiere issue yet...


As mentioned during our private sale about the Neo cart system (Yuckydog subscribed as well), the remaining issues have been mailed. There are people from this message board who have already received
their issues (subscriptions are mailed based on who's next in line):

Big Bruno
Jeff Kurtz
Lee James (Garg's temple)

The remaining issues were mailed to the following subscribers from this message board:

Brent Green
Seth Peterson
James Jeong
Keith Scroggins
Chris Youngbluth

Yes, yes -- we've been VERY slow! Too many issues (no pun intended) surrounding the initial release of the
magazine (I'm still eating bottles of Tylenol to relieve the pain from all the stress (Lee knows what I'm talking about)), but those
issues are coming! =0 As for the free copies: they were saved until last. Please don't take
any offense to this, but we had to mail the subscriptions out first.

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