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I'm passing by, regularly reading the thread about Gunlord, and I wanted to thank our readers: reached 200,000 visitors a few weeks ago, as we're about to celebrate the third anniversary of the site.

So cheers to all the fans around the world sharing our passion for the neo geo and retro-gaming. :buttrock:


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Love the sidebar photos and the buttons for the next pages. Great attention to detail and a very worthwhile read. Keep it up!
PC-Engine is incorrect.

256x224 and 320x224 like R-Type and every Irem game did or Ghouls`n Ghosts (PCE Super Grafx) and some others.

PCE Sound channels are 6 (Stereo, every channel can drive left/right) PSG which can switched to PCM

And max. colors are 481 onscreen out of 512. Go figure out Lords of Thunder PCE and Mega CD;)

Also Neo Geo cannot zoom, only shrink (and reverse which results in "zooming" therefore you will never have the pixelation like Segas Super Scaler games, ASO2 in title screen faked the pixelation) and due to hardware design problems only 304x224.

I wonder if Neo could do something like this, of course without rotation. But since all is sprite based on Neo... Max sprite count on Segas Y-Board is 256, so this should be no problem, let alone that Y-Board had 3x68000 @ 12,5 MHz and much more Ram.

The BIG PLUS Neo had was adressing all the Rom (330 MegaBITS and with bank switching the double) like PC-Engine at once to do animation from another world:) Now you know why so much fighting games AND Pulstar with its crazy animations. Did I mention Strikers 1945 intro?

Sega Mega Drive had also the H32 mode which is 256x224 with lower sprite count but saving VRam like Street Fighter 2.

Sega Mega Drive 10 channels stereo sound, 6 FM, 3 PSG (Master System Sound chip on board) and 1 PCM which can only be used when all other channels are stopped.

The Yamaha 2612 (MD) has the capability to do PCM (lower rate) with the 6th FM channel like that: and that

I hate it when sites like this can`t get the facts straight...

Oh and SNES was 99% only lower 3,xx MHz due to cheaper slow Rom.
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Cool site, I really enjoyed reading through some of your articles. Glad I stumbled across this thread!
The System specs appear to be off on the the main page.

PCE mistakes.....

The CPU of the PCE clocks in at 1.79 or 7.16 MHz depending on the game.

512colors–256 simultaneously is wrong, it can in fact display a Maximum of 482 (241 background, 241 sprite), that exceeds the SNES and Genesis handily.

The Sprite info is way off, Sprites

Simultaneously displayable: 64 on-screen, 16 (256 sprite pixels) per scanline
Sizes: 16×16, 16×32, 16×64, 32×16, 32×32, 32×64.

It only has 6 channels of Audio and does a good job of PCM.

The Sega Genesis Mistakes....

512 colors (1536 using shadow/highlight mode)

It has two sound chips so 10 sound channels instead of 6.

The Supergrafx still runs the HuC6280A, it just doubles the VDCs to get a proper parallax setup and that also doubles the amount of sprites to 128 but I don't think the CPU could handle that many without massive slowdown similar to that of the SNES. It would be interesting to see what that system could do at full tilt however.

It still amazes me that the 8Bit PCE CPU is damn near on par with the MD 16/32BIT M68000 at damn near the same clock rate. Both are superior to that of the SNES in terms of raw power.


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Thanks a lot for your job, such an enjoyable reading.

Neogeokult is becoming a bible for those who love neogeo


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It still amazes me that the 8Bit PCE CPU is damn near on par with the MD 16/32BIT M68000 at damn near the same clock rate. Both are superior to that of the SNES in terms of raw power.
Isn't the 68000 a 16-bit chip? (the versions of it used in the Genesis and Neo Geo)
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