Neo Geo Gold and Neo Geo Home system how are they different?


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Im about to shop around for a Neo Geo Cart system for home use. But i notice that there are a system called Neo Geo Gold system & another version called Neo Geo Home system.
Can someone explain to me the different between the 2?

Im also thinking buy a MVS arcade michine,
is mvs better or the home version

thanks you all very much


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Ok man here's the deal, Neo Geo Gold system is the system that was sold here in the USA. It was a boxed set, the Neo Geo Home System is the exact same thing but when it says Neo Geo Home system that means it could be a U.S. system, Euro, or Jap. It doesn't matter which you buy unless you want uncensored games then you should buy the Jap version of the Home system.

As for the other question, I would say go with the Home Carts, its just alot easier and takes up less space. Some people will disagree but that is my feeling, also the home cart games go up in price more so then the MVS games. But if money is no object I would get the home system.

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I think the Neo Geo Gold System just comes w/ extra controller.

In my opninon, if you have the space and want to save some money, go w/ the arcade system.

If you have some money to spend initially, then I would say home cart. Us maybe better, because it plays most of older games in English. As for the censor, you input simple codes to go around it. Or, if it's too bothersome, just go w/ the Jap. version. Then get the converter that Arcade is building (can play all the MVS games). You can have best of both worlds-portability, and lower (mostly) MVS priced carts.

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In the beginning, there were two versions of the Neo. The Silver system and the Gold System. The difference was the Gold system included a game, second joystick and memory card that the Silver system did not, though I'm not sure really whether or not the Silver had the card. Everyone has a different name for it, but there are only 4 types of Neo's:

Neo·Geo MVS (arcade machine)
Neo·Geo Home Cartridge System
Neo·Geo CD System
Neo·Geo Pocket/Pocket Colour

I would suggest going with an MVS cabinet. You'll have the option of acquiring every game, and yes, while the initial cost can be a lot, you have the long run benefit of very inexpensive carts.

One other thing is that you'll never get a better controller than the joysticks attached to the machine. While they're not that common, large and mini-marquees, instruction sheets and moves stickers are also available, to spice up the cabinet. Plus you'll get an RGB monitor, so overall I'd say go with it, if you have the money to get started.

I'm too attached to my cart system to sell it, but I'm very realistically considering an MVS cabinet, having had approval to bring one home. Oh and if you go that route, just make sure the cabinet will fit through the door...