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On ebay neo geo freak has alot of auctions under neo geo question being a newbie..should i bid on theses or stay away..he really does have some cool stuff...but its sounds like alot of people got screwed....and is the neo geo freak version decent product? thanks


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I wouldn't bid on them because the stuff that is made by them doesn't really go up in value because it is homemade and not made by SNK.

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Actually, you are safer when dealing on ebay, I think. That's the main reason I bid on NGF stuff. And that his feedback was decent as well. Ebay insures every auction. If you get ripped off, then you can get most of the money back, I think-upto $250??? But the process may take a while.

It's your call. I won their (Ray's) auction and the transaction for the most part was good, in my opinion. My item was as advertised, brand new, w/ fast delivery. If you want to take a chance, like I did, then go ahead.

No offense, but there are so much people still wanting games from Neo-geo freak, and asking if it's ok? All they have to do is check this forum and others. I think people should go w/ this mind set. Be prepared. Prepare that something is going to go wrong. And if it still sounds good (the benefits outweighs the negatives) Like I did, then go for it. Of course it's not fair. The seller has the responsibilty to make his portion of transaction legit, but it appears that this is not happening on majority. So, the seller has to watch out for himself.


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thanks for responding...i think im going to give it a shot some of those games look so damn nice.....The neo geo freak insers are they just photocopies or are they high quality ...thanks...but the private auctions suck nuts! Thats the only thing thta really urks me...who cares who makes me feel like somebody is going to fuck me over


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I think we should all bid in low incraments and see how little we can get the auctions to end for on those... heheh Id love to see him loose once.


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If you buy from Dion or Chris, you're taking a chance. True, buying through eBay is much safer for sure, and I know Chris at least has conducted some honest transactions. But the private auctions (ever wonder why? to prevent other people from warning bidders), fake inserts (and they ARE fake, not even that good), and carts that are (in the case of "NGF" versions) not worth as much as the SNK originals. Too many people have been ripped off by Dion and Chris (yes they both go together, as "NGF"). Look at the transaction they conducted with Keith (mouse_master). He sent them money for two carts, and they NEVER SENT ANYTHING!! Is that the kind of place you want to do business with? If so, just remember the old saying: a fool and his money are soon parted.

If you wonder about their reputation, just look for the threads "An Ultimatum to NGF" and the followup thread, about how Keith is now proceeding with legal action against "NGF". After reading those threads, if you still feel like bidding for "NGF"'s bullshit, go ahead . . . its your choice.