Neo-29 - Hitachi GMK-29FS2 Monitor Cap List


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OK folks,

I've made some business decisions... monitors are going to be outside the scope of what I will carry for parts. With that, here's the cap list from Testocules' monitor.

It's broken down into the following columns:
Location Value Voltage Bi-polar? Diameter Height

With that information you should be able to replace the caps on the monitor via Check the specs list for the caps to ensure they are the right physical shape (diameter & height) to fit where it needs to go on the board. Stick with good brands: Xicon, Nichicon, or Panasonic and you won't go wrong. Also, make SURE you get 105 degree C parts to keep the board running as along as possible before needing another recap.

Keep in mind that this list is for EVERY cap in the monitor. Typical cap kits do NOT replace all the caps in the power supply section. If I remember correctly, all the C9xx parts are the power supply caps. It's been awhile since I've looked at the board though.



Hitachi GMK-29FS2					

c601	10u	16v	bp	5mm	
c701	10u	16v	bp	5mm	
c501	47uf	16v		5mm	
c602	1uf	50v		5mm	
c603	1uf	50v	bp	5mm	
c726	100uf	16v		5mm	
c503	10uf	50v		5.3mm	
c606	330uf	16v		8mm	
c614	33uf	16v		5mm	
c615	47uf	35v		5mm	
c709	1uf	50v		5mm	
c725	100uf	16v		5mm	
c703	100uf	16v		5mm	
c704	100uf	16v		5mm	
c619	330uf	50v		10mm	
c613	470uf	50v		13mm	
c621	47uf	50v		7mm	
c620	22uf	50v		5mm	
c727	10uf	50v		5mm	
c635	2.2uf	50v		5mm	
c636	2.2uf	50v		5mm	
c634	47uf	16v		5mm	
c720	47uf	16v		5mm	
c721	100uf	100v		10mm	
c724	10uf	50v		5mm	
c717	100uf	16v		5mm	
c718	330uf	16v		8mm	
c719	33uf	250v		13mm	
c716	470uf	25v		10mm	
c715	470uf	25v		10mm	
c756	220uf	100v		15mm	
c741	220uf	160v		18mm	
c766	6.8uf	25v	bp	10mm	
c760	6.8uf	25v	bp	10mm	
c761	47uf	50v		6mm	
c762	3.3uf	50v	bp	5mm	
c763	4.7uf	50v		5mm	
c740	100uf	50v		8mm	
c915	33uf	16v		5mm	
c924	22uf	160v		10mm	
c916	6.8uf	25v	bp	10mm	
c919	100uf	100v		10mm	
c917	100uf	100v		10mm	
c918	10uf	16v		5mm	
c902	4.7uf	160v		8mm	
c906	2.2uf	160v		6mm	
c907	270uf	160v		22mm	25mm
c908	270uf	160v		22mm	25mm
c914	270uf	160v		22mm	25mm


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Thank you for posting this list Channelmaniac! I am sure many members will find this information helpful. I will be ordering a cap kit for my Super Neo 29 Type II monitor ASAP :buttrock:


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Kit 730 available at Zanen electronics

I worked with Aubrey Jones at Zanen and he is making up some kits. He has assigned a part number for the Hitachi GMK-29FS2 Cap list - Kit 730

If you want to order here is the necessary info:

Zanen Electronics
46 Parklane Dr.
Ransom Canyon, TX 79366
Phone: 888.449.2636

Just request kit 730 via email or phone and let him know how you want to pay. He accepts credit cards or paypal.


The kit cost around $13 shipped. Hope this helps anyone that needs one.


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Both my Super Neo 29 Candy cabs have monitors labeled as Hitachi GMK-29FS3s instead of FS2s. The only markings I can find on the chassis are Hitachi GML. Anyone know if the chassis on these are the same as on the GMK-29FS2s? I'm assuming so, as I believe this chassis was used on a few different candy cabs (Q25 and New Astros I believe). I'm also wondering if the neck boards are the same as on the 29FS2s. The CRTs on these are Hitachi A68LFP227X. Any info would be appreciated.


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resume this because I have to add some important info, these chassis are also used in capcom impress where they drive Toshiba 29" tube. Same chassis is on Jaleco Pony this one is gmk-29Fj and come without control board (the trimmer pot are on the chassis itself).

The flyback its an HITACHI 2435048, impossible to found one on the market but the good news is that usually they are so strong. When you have no picture you just look at power section where is the HOT FN651 just replace this transistor and these caps: C740. C915, c924, c906, c902 then magically the chassis will work perfect again. MOst important you must use a stepdown transformer for japan application 100v (120 or 110 not are good for these chassis)
I have performed this on 3 dead chassis and now they work perfect.


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^This has been on my 'to-do' list since last July 2018. A Hyper NeoGeo64 cab monitor went black. Still get audio but no screen image. I haven't been in a rush to fix but going to try and fix this summer. Thanks for giving a sense of direction where to look at!


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replace all capacitors in power section also the 3x270uf 160v and the bipolar one, replace also the plastic film wich surely is cooked, it is a 150nf 50v digikey part: QX1H154KTP

Replace the hot only if its shorted.


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Thanks MuKuro!! Can you confirm that digikey part again referenced above??? I can't find it. Or if you have the PCB location that might help me too! I already pulled the board from the cab and started ordering some parts! Goal is replace as much as can before re-connecting back up.


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I used GU but UCY May be better. Pay attention at bipolar caps too, there is one in power section for sure.
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Thanks!!! I ordered the remaining caps I didn't have on-hand. I'll keep you posted how goes!!


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Welp...didn't work :crying: Tempted to replace everything now per channelmaniac's original posting. Same as before...get audio/game play but black monitor screen. There's this 'clicking' sound that's apparent upon power on not going away. It started after the monitor died and is still present after this recap of parts.


I replaced it with a brand new one.

I'd pay attention on the diodes in that area. I once had a chassis that I changed every cap, transistor and even flyback. Turns out that I should've check the diodes in the HOT area. two of them were toast. Once I replaced these, the chassis came back to life.


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Is the "clicking" sound coming from the Little trasformer in power section or it is from the tube yoke itself?


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I honestly couldn't distinguish where the clicking was coming from with it connected and echo within the cab. Definitely on the main board somewhere though. Can I replace those parts??? I was going to start with the Diodes in the HOT area per Atro's suggestions next. BTW thanks for all your continued help guys!


Not so MEGA, eh?
have you successfully fixed your chassis? If not, Please check those two component, both on power section:
Q901: transistor check if its shorted
D909: zener diode check for excessive lickage

I think that the ckicking sound come from the little transformer placed on power section due to those component, also resistors must be checked.
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Hey Guys, I've been watching this post for sometime and I have the same problem as of monads. I believe the clicking sound is coming around the C904 area. But I also have burnt marks around D904 all the way to R907. Burnt marks at K105 to R925 and C750 to C742. Plus L703 doesn't look good. I will post some photos soon so you guys could check it out.


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have you successfully fixed your chassis? If not, Please check those two component, both on power section:
Q901: transistor check if its shorted
D909: zener diode check for excessive lickage

I think that the ckicking sound come from the little transformer placed on power section due to those component, also resistors must be checked.

Hi!! Took a break from but back on it now! What are the equivalent replacement parts for Q901 and D909??? I can't find a drop-in replacement for Q901 CR5AS.